Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

Feeling Blue, and Loving It!

A few weeks ago, the Lawnmower Man came by to get the lawn ready for spring. He ended up having to actually MOW the lawn, because the weather had been fooling it into growing.

Anyway, he has a new guy on his crew. A new guy that apparently is from another state, or another planet, because he decided that my bluebonnets are weeds and must be eradicated from my flower beds!!!

Me: Holy…. why did you cut down the bluebonnets??

NG: Uh, well…they are weeds, ma’am.


NG: Oh, well, I’m not familiar with that.

Me: Where are you from??

NG: California, ma’am.

Me: (smiling) Well, that explains a lot.

After I calmed down I proceeded to show him where the bluebonnets grow in my yard, and told him they were off limits until they seeded. He apologized and even offered to get new seeds for me, but I declined, thinking this year would be the Year Without Blue. But lo and behold, my bluebonnets came back!!

Pay no attention to the other weeds.

They cannot be beaten!!

I wish the rest of the weeds could be, though 😉