Daily Archives: February 24, 2012

Converse All Stars™ Can Save the World

I used to think I got weird dreams whenever I ate too much, or drank alcohol too close to bedtime. But apparently, that may be a false premise. After all, I have given up alcohol and fats and sweet and pretty much anything I would enjoy for Lent, and still I had a weird dream.

Any of you familiar with Doctor Who will know what a TARDIS is. And what a Dalek is. For those of you that don’t, click here. Anyway, last night I went off to sleep, thinking that my dreams would be about all the chocolate I would eat on Easter Sunday, but no…

I’m off in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly the TARDIS appears and David Tennant gets out, and tells me that he needs me. And I just look at him and tell him that I can’t help him, because I have to stand out here in the field. He asks why, and I tell him because someone said I was outstanding in the field. And he says I can’t stand in the field because he needs me and my Converse All Stars™. And I look at him as he shows me his Converse All Stars™, and he says that we are twins of destiny. And that he needs me to go with him to save an interplanetary cargoship from destruction by the Daleks. To which I ask, aren’t those things trying to kill us all? And he says that the Converse All Stars™ keep us safe from destruction. So I ask him why not just distribute Converse All Stars™ to everyone, and he looks at me and tells me to stop trying to solve problems for him. And with a wave of his screwdriver, he leaves for Footlocker™.

David Tennant was already in the TARDIS. I had left in a huff.

I can’t imagine what my dreams will be like on Easter Sunday.