Dear John

I purposely wrote that title to deceive search engines. This post has nothing to do with relationships of the personal kind.

It has to do with the U.S. Postal Service.

It never fails. I go to the post office, and always, always I hear someone complaining about the service, the price of stamps, the price of shipping, etc. Something always sets someone off. Yesterday I was there to pick up a package that I owed $0.56 on, when a lady whispered in a roar, “Boy, can this get more expensive??”, referring to the flat rate box she was using.

Uh, yes, it can, and your wish is about to come true, honey. I didn’t say it, but I sure thought it!

Personally, I do appreciate our postal system. I don’t mind paying $0.45 for first class postage. I remember dealing with Deutsche Post in Germany. First class meant it would get there in three to five days, and cost €1.50. I hear nightmares from countries all over the world, and I tend to appreciate ours a bit more, even with all the bad things about it.

Perspective: Helping Us Deal With Life Since Forever™ 😀

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8 responses to “Dear John

  • roamingfirehydrant

    Mr. RFH went to Italy for a conference in 1997, and I tagged along. Afterwards, we planned to spend a week exploring and did not want to drag around a three-piece suit and a big bunch of papers. To FedEx it home would have been $300. We navigated the odd Italian package mailing requirements – it had to be packed by a certified packager, which included water-proof paper, string and a big metal seal. I was just sure that was going to snag on a machine in the U.S. Then to the post office itself. It ended costing $70 to ship, and I had to keep telling myself, that’s 20 lbs. I don’t have to lug around. We traveled in September, and the package arrived home in November.

    Oh, and postcards sent home from Germany cost 2 DM.

  • John D

    The USPS is a bargain, that’s for sure. But I’d really appreciate it if they’d get around to delivering the card I sent my daughter for her 10th birthday. Hell, I got home before the card arrived. Hopefully it’ll get here before July. That’s when she turns 20. 😉

  • Yabu

    The postal service is in trouble, heck everything is in trouble. The postal workers in my post office look torn and frayed. They put up with a lot of angry customers. I always keep my eyes on ’em, and the path to the door. There’s this one guy who has the glare. I definitely pay close attention to him. Looks like he’s about snap at any moment. I’m as polite as I can be, but these people are stressed out. How hard can it be to run the counter in a post office?

    I’m serious, the Juju Woman flat out told me she’s not going in there anymore. She says she has a bad feeling about him.

    Wait and see what happens when they really begin to downsize and increase the rates.

    Will bring new meaning to “going postal”.

  • flyoverhere

    I am like you on this one. Yes the USPS has lots of problems, most of which have nothing to do with the actual delivery of mail…..I won’t go into my rant about that though 🙂

  • Mitchell

    I had a class where a gal who was a member of my study group worked in the post office. She used to tell us all sorts of stories about the stuff that went on there. For one thing it is virtually impossible to fire anyone for any thing. One story she told about a guy who was stealing stamps. Not just a few here and there but $1000’s of dollars worth. Every one knew he was doing it. They did an internal investigation on the guy for weeks. They had him on tape stealing the stuff. He got suspended (with pay) while they went through the lengthy dismissal process. Except he ultimately didn’t get dismissed. He got a reprimand and a transfer to a different location and different job.


  • Jay in Ames

    This is what happens when you don’t let the market build your business. Fed Ex, UPS, and DHL get how much government funding?

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