Daily Archives: February 23, 2012

Dear John

I purposely wrote that title to deceive search engines. This post has nothing to do with relationships of the personal kind.

It has to do with the U.S. Postal Service.

It never fails. I go to the post office, and always, always I hear someone complaining about the service, the price of stamps, the price of shipping, etc. Something always sets someone off. Yesterday I was there to pick up a package that I owed $0.56 on, when a lady whispered in a roar, “Boy, can this get more expensive??”, referring to the flat rate box she was using.

Uh, yes, it can, and your wish is about to come true, honey. I didn’t say it, but I sure thought it!

Personally, I do appreciate our postal system. I don’t mind paying $0.45 for first class postage. I remember dealing with Deutsche Post in Germany. First class meant it would get there in three to five days, and cost €1.50. I hear nightmares from countries all over the world, and I tend to appreciate ours a bit more, even with all the bad things about it.

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