Daily Archives: February 22, 2012

I Need a Laboratory in This House

The other day I mentioned that one Home Truth™ is to never “taste” anything you find on the kitchen island that you have not placed there yourself, because that is the current site of home experiments. I encourage this for the most part, especially when Eldest decides to cook. I must say, she is getting good at the whole cooking thing. I just wish she would do it more often.

Anyway, last night as I was pouring the last glass of wine for the next forty days and forty nights, I noticed that the last “experiment” was still on the counter. Here is the photo of the experiment before:

Pretty innocuous, right? Looks like a bowl of water, which is what I thought it was, and almost dumped out, until I reached inside it:

I have to thank my friend Nicole for this. These are reconstituted “spit balls” she sent Son for Christmas. This turned into a water refraction experiment which they used to explain this to their younger sister:

They get this from their father.

The drama that resulted from me almost spilling this? That they get from me 😉