Home Truths

These are some of the things that I have learned this past week:

  1. Never “taste” anything you find on the kitchen island that you have not placed there yourself. That is the current site of home experiments.
  2. Searching pockets will not only yield loose change, gum, and paperclips, but also notes full of chemical equations and logical fallacies. Save those.
  3. Always wear your glasses, even when you don’t think you need them. Screaming for your son to kill the massive spider you spied under the endtable is all well and good, until he explains it is a bit of fuzz from the dog’s toy.
  4. Boredom can lead to shopping. And chemical failings, but mostly shopping.
  5. The amount of cleaning you do is inversely proportional to the amount of visitors you receive. This means I should keep the house a mess if I want company coming by.
  6. You only notice the amount of cookies in the pantry when you decide to give up snacking.
  7. The same goes for liquor.

This concludes this week’s Extreme Wrap-Up: Aggie Losing Her Marbles Edition™. Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend!!

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13 responses to “Home Truths

  • flyoverhere

    Glad you have had a productive week. The only thing I learned is that kissing someone who has a raging head cold, no matter how near and dear they are to me or that I gave the kiss to comfort, won’t keep me from getting the raging head cold. OK, I already knew that but……


    Sage wisdom…although I’m surprised you hadn’t learned of the cookie conundrum some time ago.

  • Lemur King

    #2 is most intriguing. My pockets generally lead to optical equations and load/beam-deflection diagrams but the same principle is at work, I’m thinking.

      • Lemur King

        Why do I naturally add “… save those, so they can be used in a court of law later on when you start frolicking through fields of daisies wearing only a tutu and steel-toed boots and a “Obama-Biden” sticker on your chest.”?

        Speaking of Lent… In two days it is Paczki Day. Oh man I look forward to those things. Luckily you don’t have to drive to Hamtramck.

        I don’t care how many food police come to take me away, I’m having three of them. Lemon and plain custard, raspberry, too.

  • rightrob

    8. Never feed three cats their favorite treat in a darkened kitchen at 5 a.m. The furry one will trip you up and cause you to drop their “set of three” porcelain cat bowls onto the floor, shattering one of them. The mayhem of trying to keep said kitties away from possibly shard-contaminated food will cause great trepidation…

  • Lizard

    Aggie Lent does not start until Wednesday. I freaked out for a moment thinking I had lost an entire week :-O

  • Nomstress

    Lizard, me too! I’m planning to attempt to reach toward Aggie’s level of self-denial, but think it would be best if I only give up BOOZE!!!

    And Rule #1 should also apply to anything found in the car. Even if you think it’s the french fry you just dropped. 😛

  • GuyS

    With lent coming up, I keep “flashing” Deb in hopes she will give me some beads….err wait…wrong post. Disregard!”

    “Home Truth #321”
    Never comment after partaking of a jumbo sized mug of coffee, liberally laced with much Kahlua.

  • John D

    That reminds me, I could really go for some cookies right now. Sadly, we’re out. ;(

  • Lizard

    I can give up booze or chocolate but no both since I really do not want to go to jail for murder.

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