Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

This Day is Like a Joke

And yes, I mean that. I started off today by getting up with the alarm, only to find myself knocking glasses and phone off the nightstand. As I scrambled off the bed, I stepped on the glasses. Picking up the phone, I shut off the alarm on it, and turn off the little light it gives, so not only do I walk in the dark, I do so without my glasses, which HILARIOUSLY leads to me stubbing my foot on the Turkish chest at the foot of the bed. No worries, as I finally manage to get slippers on, and walk out of my room in time to trip over the little dog who is SO GLAD to see me she barks over, and over, and over…

Making my way to the kitchen, I remember I was supposed to change two spotlights, and sigh in the mediocre light as I fill the coffee pot with water, only to find I had forgotten to wash it out yesterday. As I turn to get the coffee grounds, I trip over Miss Attention and fall against the counter, spilling coffee everywhere. I scoop it up (hey, it’s still good!), and finally get the coffee started, going on to wake Eldest first, since she takes a bit longer to get ready.

Finally sitting down to drink my coffee, and I realize I had forgotten my pajama pants.

Yes, my friends, it’s that kind of day!! Make sure to enjoy it!! 😉