I Need an Intervention, or More Space in My Closet

So y’all are familiar with my quest for the perfect tote bag, and how it happened that Vera Bradley finally had a print that I really, really like. Well, I didn’t just buy the tote. I had to buy the stuff that matches, too. And they also had another print I liked, one that was more… autumn. Anyway, now that I have acquired my tote bags and purse and stuff, I have to make room for them in my closet, which means I have to get rid of the stuff I don’t use.

Last night I started to clean out the “purse stockpile”. Now, I am not one to buy purses just because they are pretty and have a fun print or it’s on sale. Ok, maybe the “on sale” bit is true. But I did go through a period where I was looking for the “right” purse. My sister has a really nice one that looks like a tote bag (heh!), one I gifted her (double heh!), but one that would be way too big for me. As I took stock of my purses, I noticed that they were all roughly the same size, and same color: small to mid-size, and shades of brown. Brown goes with everything, see? So does black, but I only have one, and it’s an evening bag. Go figure.

Now, I have made a rule for myself: for everything I buy, two things of equal volume and/or mass have to go out*. Hubby can’t stand having a lot of “stuff” in the house, so this rule will help with the clutter. I wanted to count furniture in that rule, but our furniture he likes, so that’s out. But pretty much knick knacks and sundry is fair game. This Spring will sure be fun….

*Except fashion jewelry. That’s on a one-to-one ratio πŸ˜‰


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10 responses to “I Need an Intervention, or More Space in My Closet

  • The Queen

    Buttercup would be glad to take any extras off your hands! She loves bags! And if Eldest has a consignment sale of clothing, etc.- we would love a first look opportunity! Fair prices all around!

  • Deb S.

    I used to LOVE handbag shopping in my youth, but over the course of the past fifteen years or so I’ve stopped using them. I still have a purse or two hanging about, but they’re hiding away in a closet collecting dust. I doubt I could tolerate the extra weight on my right shoulder if I were to resume wearing a purse… I always had the heaviest bag of all my friends, regardless of bag size. Recently, while shopping for a wallet to serve as a checkbook holder, I glanced through the handbags… after all these years of not needing one, I was just a wee bit shocked at the prices. lol I’m so glad my jeans have pockets. πŸ˜‰

  • LC LtC

    Allow me to tell you about LC LtC Intervention Services. We provide an efficient conduit for disposal of certain categories of excess inventory.

    Ammo, hand tools, books, bar paintings (especially them dog ones), items of that nature. One call, one hour and you regain your living space!

    Details upon request, post this space.

  • John D

    “Now, I am not one to buy purses just because they are pretty and have a fun print or it’s on sale.”

    This would make you the complete opposite of my older daughter. I have this weird feeling I’m going to see her on HOARDERS: BURIED ALIVE some day living in a house packed with purses.

  • Lemur King

    You are some kind of evil twin to Cruel Wife. The get-one/toss-two is brilliant! Must use that one soon.

  • Lizard

    Aggie you need to go to your closet and use the rule of thumb, if you have not worn or used in the last year Goodwill box.

    Ok so it has taken me years to get to this point but than again after watching a show about hoarders years ago scared me into action.(I have a fear of becoming one like my sister and I know my grandmother was one just a very organized one).

  • Mitchell

    Dunno much about purses, but Mom latched onto a designer years ago named Jane Yoo and she won’t carry anyone else’s. You can check out her stuff here: http://www.buyleatherbags.com/_e/dept/01-002/Medium_Size_MB_.htm

    Good quality stuff.

  • Laura

    I use all (and I mean all) closets in my house for my clothes, shoes, and purses. I am well on my way to becoming a hoarder of all things fashion.

  • Yabu

    I know nothing about purses, but I do know the Juju Woman’s small tote thing has room for a gun.

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