Daily Archives: February 7, 2012

I Need an Intervention, or More Space in My Closet

So y’all are familiar with my quest for the perfect tote bag, and how it happened that Vera Bradley finally had a print that I really, really like. Well, I didn’t just buy the tote. I had to buy the stuff that matches, too. And they also had another print I liked, one that was more… autumn. Anyway, now that I have acquired my tote bags and purse and stuff, I have to make room for them in my closet, which means I have to get rid of the stuff I don’t use.

Last night I started to clean out the “purse stockpile”. Now, I am not one to buy purses just because they are pretty and have a fun print or it’s on sale. Ok, maybe the “on sale” bit is true. But I did go through a period where I was looking for the “right” purse. My sister has a really nice one that looks like a tote bag (heh!), one I gifted her (double heh!), but one that would be way too big for me. As I took stock of my purses, I noticed that they were all roughly the same size, and same color: small to mid-size, and shades of brown. Brown goes with everything, see? So does black, but I only have one, and it’s an evening bag. Go figure.

Now, I have made a rule for myself: for everything I buy, two things of equal volume and/or mass have to go out*. Hubby can’t stand having a lot of “stuff” in the house, so this rule will help with the clutter. I wanted to count furniture in that rule, but our furniture he likes, so that’s out. But pretty much knick knacks and sundry is fair game. This Spring will sure be fun….

*Except fashion jewelry. That’s on a one-to-one ratio 😉