As y’all may or may not know, I am a fan of Steampunk. I love the look of it, and apparently Eldest does, too. Today we are starting to change her room around to accommodate all of her junk the new decor.

I have plans….

She doesn’t know it yet, but a lot of the stuff I plan to use will be coming from the local flea market, as well as Lowesβ„’. We are talking copper pipes, fittings, ventilation ducts, PVC, faucet knobs, pulley wheels, and any random stuff I can find to give an “antique” look.

She may or may not agree with my take on the room, but I know what I’m doing. Some would argue that I am living vicariously through her, since I can’t do it to my room. And some would be right πŸ˜‰


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14 responses to “Steampunk’d

  • LC Steve

    I tried to convince my son to have a steampunk wedding next month. He told me that if I paid for it, he would. So much for those plans. 8)

  • seabee0723

    Ever try the Pirate thing, Aggie? Pirate fashion is my thing. Or perhaps a bit of a mix between Steam Punk and Pirate.

  • GuyS

    I like steampunk. It has at least a passing reverence for history, a bit of romance, and a dash of whimsy. That it mixes all the above with a liberal amount of techno-geek, is a pleasant plus. Good luck on the eldest one’s room. Perhaps you can accent your bedroom before hubby returns?

  • Nicole

    Sounds like a great project.

  • Yabu

    I wonder if the Juju Woman could do some Steampunk glass. Might be worth a look-see.

  • David

    Like the idea. Hmmm, my “new” office area–when I finally move it downstairs to the basement–definitely needs some steampunking, but… not entirely. I have a vast collection of beer labels and (straightened) bottle caps that are begging for a wall (and a desktop, in that order: labels to paper the wall and bottle caps to be embedded in epoxy covering the entire desktop), so one wall–the desk wall–will definitely be atypical for steampunk. Although… steampunk does cover a pretty wide range, and maybe I can find a way to make my dreams for my beer labels and caps work with it… A guy can dream, can’t he? (Well, until the commie bastards make dreaming a crime, I suppose.)


    Don’t forget to antique one of these…Clothes: the often forgotten piece of set design.

  • LC Aggie Sith

    That is a great idea, SG! I will make sure she does it πŸ˜‰

  • Nomstress

    Have been spending time at Lowes lately. Too much time…

    Does a shovel in any way count as steampunk??? πŸ˜›

    Am actually getting around to letting y’all know what we’ve been up to here in our black hole! You are going to be SO surprised!!!

  • Jena

    Will you be posting pics when it’s done? I love Steampunk too!

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