Sweet Tart

It is nearly time again. The holiday most dreaded by men everywhere. Yep…Valentine’s Day!!

Every year it’s the same excruciating headache, and every year we are exposed to every kiss beginning with Kay, when really a lot of them begin with liquor. Hubby has learned to avoid the pitfalls of this holiday quite well. How, you may ask? Simple: he gifts me an appliance. No, I’m not kidding. Florists jack up the prices on arrangements, and for the price of a few blooms, I can get something I need. This year I went ahead and got it early!

Isn’t it just cute?? And yes, I did get it in that color. Now, you may ask why I got this for myself now, rather than let Hubby order it for me. Well, he is going on a trip to Hungary, and as usual he likes to bring me something from wherever he visits.

Hungary is famous for wine (which he can’t send me), and desserts (which he can’t send me), and for its chickens. Admittedly, I am speaking of porcelain sculptures, but a chicken is not something with which I want to decorate. Besides, those chickens run in the hundreds of Euros, and my mixer is a steal at less than $70. So really, I just saved him a lot of money, right??

Best wife ever!!! πŸ˜‰

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