Daily Archives: January 23, 2012

The Great Purge

And so it begins. Winter is here, so the calendar tells me, and time for me to start getting rid of the accumulated junk around here. That’s what Hubby calls it. I tend to have a tough time getting rid of stuff. Unfortunately, the kids tend to take after me in that respect. Oh, I’m not a hoarder by any stretch. And if I’m going to own up to it, so is Hubby, since a LOT of the stuff in the garage is his.

The worst part about going through stuff is the memories. Most people see that as a wonderful thing, but I don’t. I tend to remember everything, or at least, more than most people, and going through stuff tends to set off an avalanche of emotions for which sometimes I am not prepared. The other day I found a little hat that Eldest was fond of wearing when she was only a year old, and I had a really, really tough time placing it in the donation pile. All I kept seeing was Eldest walking around wearing the hat and smiling because she had learned to put it on herself.

I have to remind myself that these are just things. Some things I can never give away, no matter what. But I know that sometimes the memory is enough, and I need to learn to let go eventually. I’m just not sure that’s today 😉