That Sound? That Was The Grey

This morning found me sleeping in well past the time I usually get up, though I did manage to let the dog out at 6 AM and crawl back to bed. I didn’t have much of a quiet time as usual, but I figured the kids wouldn’t be very loud anyway. Which was nice, because at least I got to enjoy part of my day, before Little One and Eldest ruined it for me.

Me: (holding Little One on my lap) I remember when you were a baby, so adorable.

Little One: No you don’t.

Me: Yes, I do!

Little One: No, your memory is not that great…

Eldest: Oh, c’mon! Mom’s like, 50 years old. She’s entitled to not have a great memory.

Me: …..

Girls: (laughing and giggling).

From this day forward, Son is my favorite. At least until such time as he screws up like his sisters did šŸ˜‰


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9 responses to “That Sound? That Was The Grey

  • Mrs. Who

    Makes me think of a corkboard cut-out display my grandmother used to keep. It had a doghouse with a hook over the ‘doorway’. There were other dog cut outs with labels like ‘Mom’ , ‘Dad’, ‘Son’, ‘Daughter’, etc. If my grandmother was angry at you, she’d move your ‘dog’ into the doghouse. I wonder what happened to it?

  • GuyS

    Waits for the moment when one of your kids friends says something along the lines of , “Hey, ya know, your mom’s kinda … hawt!” This will accomplish a couple of things:

    1. Boost your self estime (at least a smidgen)
    2. Cause your kid(s) jaw to drop followed by “ewwww, that’s my Mom, you turkey (or other more colorful adjective)!”
    3. Cause hubby to take you out to dinner and a movie (or dancing) cause he knew all along kids friend was right, and wants to re-enforce same…at the same time “cleaning” shotgun in front of kids friend , subtly letting them know, a line is very close to being crossed that shouldn’t be.

  • Lemur King

    The other day Girlhead expressed the opinion that Frankenboy hated her.

    I told her that I did not think that her brother hated her and in fact loved her very much.

    She disagreed with me and walked out of the room saying “You don’t know him as well as I do.”

    Later she came back in and sighed long-sufferingly, then said “Let me put this in a way that you’ll understand…”

    I ended the conversation immediately after that.

    Face it Aggie, we are old and past our prime in our children’s eyes. Me, I love it because I know that sometime in the future my kid’s kids will repeat the cycle because genetics are such an amazingly powerful thing. You have that to look forward to! šŸ™‚

    • GuyS

      LK, you must be a far gentler soul than I. Had any of my inherited or genetic hostages uttered those words, soap would have found it’s way toward their (at one time) cute little pie holes.

      You are quite correct in that at some future date and time, they will all have the “OMG!!! I am sounding/looking/acting JUST LIKE MY PARENTS!” This being in reaction to what one of their kids does or says. Added bonus points if the kids were put up to it by their grandparent(s)!! (And yes, I would be just that evil!)

  • Lizard

    I have no children but did have an OMG…..I am my mother moment a few years ago. I was driving my 3 oldest nephews to basketball games that 2 of them were playing in(2 belonged to one brother and 1 to the other. Normally would only have had the 2 but oldest brother came to town and dumped(I mean allowed me to enjoy my nephew) for the day). Now the 2 that were playing ball were used to being with me and behaving as such, the third well not so much. After asking a couple times for them to settle down and such I pulled over on the side of the road, turned around and uttered those famous words “Do you want me to turn around and just go home or are you going to behave?”
    As I turned around to put the car in gear I had the OMG moment.

    By the way, when the girls get older you need to remind them of this day.

  • LC Steve

    Not quite the same, but this happened to us (the Better Half and I) a few weeks ago. There’s a picture of The Better Half and myself taken (mumble mumble) years ago hanging in the hallway. In that picture I have hair, and it’s dark brown (almost black). Well, Son #5 was walking through the hall when he stopped dead, stared at the picture, went into the living room and asked The Better Half, “Mom, in that picture in the hall, who’s that guy in the picture with you?” One day, you little snot . . .

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