Daily Archives: January 21, 2012

That Sound? That Was The Grey

This morning found me sleeping in well past the time I usually get up, though I did manage to let the dog out at 6 AM and crawl back to bed. I didn’t have much of a quiet time as usual, but I figured the kids wouldn’t be very loud anyway. Which was nice, because at least I got to enjoy part of my day, before Little One and Eldest ruined it for me.

Me: (holding Little One on my lap) I remember when you were a baby, so adorable.

Little One: No you don’t.

Me: Yes, I do!

Little One: No, your memory is not that great…

Eldest: Oh, c’mon! Mom’s like, 50 years old. She’s entitled to not have a great memory.

Me: …..

Girls: (laughing and giggling).

From this day forward, Son is my favorite. At least until such time as he screws up like his sisters did 😉