Daily Archives: January 20, 2012

Have Tote, Will Travel

I have been on the lookout for the perfect tote bag for about ….. 22 years. Most women look at a tote and think, “Oh, I like the (fill in the blank here)”, and are done with it.

Not me. The prettiness is secondary to the functionality. It must have three pockets. It must be just wide enough for a laptop. It must have a 12 inch drop, no more, no less. It must be east-west (wider than taller). It must accommodate schoolbooks (in case one of the girls needs it).

And I think I have found it!

I have resisted Vera Bradley for a long time, mostly because their patterns are a bit too busy for me. But they just came out with a pattern that screamed my name.

It’s called Camellia, which is 1) one of my favorite flowers, and 2) one of my favorite names. And black?? With slate blue accenting?? The only thing missing is me, at the store. So I’m going Yorling™ today, and before Hubby freaks out, don’t worry. I am getting rid of a lot of crap in my closet to compensate 😀