Stories in Review

Before I link the stories that so far have been written, I wish to thank all of you who participated, and those who are also planning on participating in the challenge. It isn’t always easy to find inspiration, especially when a harridan gives you a deadline. But I also wish to thank the readers for finding and lurking around our blogs. I hope y’all were as entertained as I was.

Here is a list of the stories written for the challenge, so far:

Autumn People: The Stockyard Girl

Epic Entropy: Rendezvous at Eight

Fountain Abbey: One Rainy Day (Part 1)

Jay in Ames: The Sithy Challenge

John D: Tight

Lemur King’s Folly: The Starkness of Being

Reluctant Rebel: Nightmarish Morning

Snugg Harbor: A Recollection of December (Part 1)

Soylent Green: The Transmogrifier: A Tale Of Terror

The Necromancer: Glances could kill. Love was outlawed.

Third World County: Well, It Ain’t Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder

Uncivil Peasants: The Breach

Yabu: Merced Recibida, Libertad Vendida

Make sure you stop by, and hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have. I can’t wait to read the rest!

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