If Only I Were a Metal Detector

I’m 45 years old, and it just came to my attention that I have a rather nice gift: I can find things. Well, most people have that talent, but I seem to excel at finding things for other people, especially when I am not familiar with their particular environment.

I remember coming home for a visit. Sister #3 had moved into the back bedroom, leaving my youngest sister (#4) to enjoy the front bedroom all to herself. Anyway, Sis #3 had plans to go to a friend’s house and couldn’t find her keys. She was looking everywhere, even in Sis #4’s sanctum, which wasn’t well met. Sis #3 was frantic, asking everyone if they had seen her keys, because she HAD to go to Laura’s house like right now!!! I got up from the breakfast table, went to her room (AKA, the the DMZ), stood right by the closet, dropped my arms as if I were dropping my purse, and looked down through the debris to find her keys. Sis #3 couldn’t believe it, but since she was already late, she threw me a kiss and flew out the door. I did that twice again for her that weekend, looking for a lipstick and her favorite pen.

And just this morning, Eldest was once again running late, because she couldn’t find her uniform cap. She swore she saw it with her uniform just yesterday morning. I asked her where he uniform had been, and she pointed to the smallest pile of crap in her room. So, I looked perpendicular to it, finding yet another pile, which incidentally contained the bag that she used for her AFJROTC shindig last week. I opened the bag, and extricated numerous articles of ROTC value, the last one being her cap. Suuuuuuuuuure she looked all over for that… Oh, and yes, she will be cleaning her room and doing her laundry today.

It never fails. If something needs to be found in this house, I’m the one to do it. Probably because I am the one who knows where stuff goes around here 😉

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