Dream a Little Dream

For me, dreaming is an adventure. Last night I dreamt I was in Paris, France!!

And that’s where the romance ended.

I’m in a boutique salon, run by my sister, who isn’t there, because she is off touring a canal for a pair of shoes (??), and I am waiting to have a dress fitting and a haircut, because there is no such thing as nepotism, and someone steals my purse and my dog, and I can only find the purse shell, which has a bunch of markers in it, and I’m walking around in a smock, with my hair in weird rollers, asking people if they have seen my purse, and someone points outside, so out I go, only to see two Mexicans (they had shirts with Mexican flags and they read “Proud Mexican” in French) walking my dog, and I run over and ask them why they have my dog, and they give me the dog and tell me the PLO was giving them away over at the park, so I run to the park and see them distributing dogs that they are buying on the internet with my credit card, causing me to call the Embassy to cancel the credit card, which makes the PLO very mad, and they in turn put a fatwa on my head, and I yell at them that my head isn’t very pretty right now so they have to wait, so they pencil me in for Tuesday.

This is the part where I wake up, look at the clock, and realize I have one more hour of sleep to enjoy. And as I drift off to sleep, I am jolted awake by the thought that today is Tuesday!! But eventually I calm down and fall asleep again, because I am not a machete-wielding zombie killer for nothing 😉

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