Sooner or Later…

I knew it. I just KNEW I was going to get sick. I avoided a full blown cold during the holidays, but eventually it will out.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

I don’t mind being sick. I mind having to slug through the ordinary chores like playing taxi and grocery shopping and running to the post office and laundry and cooking. Just once I would love to lay in bed while the kids catered to me. That would be awesome! Not going to happen until the weekend, though, and hopefully by then I’ll be fine.

I’m l’exhausted, and thinking that passing out on the couch is a wonderful idea.

Ok, it’s always a wonderful idea, but this time I have a great excuse 😀

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9 responses to “Sooner or Later…

  • Tiberius

    A nice scotch or brandy and warm milk will help immensely 😉

  • lclobo98

    Hope you get to feeling better soon Sis. I got some type of crap, feels like someones driving nails into my sinuses. Ain’t life grand ??

  • Jay in Ames

    I’m pretty sure it’s global warming’s fault. I’ve got it too, can’t shake it after a week.

  • Nomstress

    Perhaps I’ve shared my virus. 😛 Misery loves company after all.

    Here’s to a hot toddy this afternoon while it rains, early bed with Nyquil (your friend and mine), and to feeling better tomorrow!

  • John D

    1. Fluids
    2. Chicken soup
    3. Sudafed
    4. Rest
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 as needed.

  • Yabu

    Long Hot Bath, and some sleep. If you need to board the kids, board ’em.

    Just kidding about your children, hope you fell better soon. I’m pretty worn out myself. I’m not opposed to filling the bath and adding some of the Juju Woman’s foo foo stuff, and soaking until I run out of hot water. Don’t tell anyone I said that. I do know what it’s like to smell like an over made-up French tart…at least that’s what someone once told me.

  • LC Aggie Sith

    Thanks, everyone!

    I feel tons better. I think I was just feeling run down and I had been neglecting wearing my eyeglasses, thus the headaches 🙂

    Yabu, if you want to skip smelling foofy, just try plain epsom salts in the bath 😉

  • Mrs. Who

    I was going to recommend sleep, sleep, and more sleep. But glad to see you’re feeling better!

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