Under My Skin

A while back I challenged y’all to post some of your favorite things. That was not only fun, but also gave us an opportunity to get to know one another across the interwebtubenets. But there are always two sides to every coin, right? And so, I challenge you yet again. This time, to post the things you like least, or hate, or pet peeves, or whatever you like to call them. Here are my Top Ten of Things I Really Do Not Like™:

  1. People with a shopping cart full of groceries in the 10 items or less lane. No explanations necessary.
  2. Left lane vigilantes. It is not their job to dictate how fast I can go. If I want a ticket I will by God earn it!
  3. Talking on cellphones while driving a vehicle.
  4. History months.
  5. Gum smacking. If you want to imitate a cow, do it out in the field.
  6. Zero tolerance policies.
  7. Airing of dirty laundry on social media sites. I do NOT need to know how about your love life. Or lack thereof.
  8. Cajun food. STOP JUDGING ME!! It tastes like dirt to me.
  9. Hair in my shirt. It drives me totally nuts.
  10. Celebrity endorsements. I don’t trust someone who acts for a living.

So there you have it. My list of things I hate. Feel free to do a list at your site or social website and leave a link to it in the comments. I am sure that I can always add to mine.

For an easy going person, I sure have a lot of issues 😀

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34 responses to “Under My Skin

  • Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere


    4… we fix this by establishing “This Month in Mow-ron History”.
    It’ll be bigger than the Beatles…or Vishnu…or something.

  • flyoverhere

    these days mine are too numerous to list but if I have to pick one…….

    dirty dishes stacked in the sink……

  • TerribleTroy

    I hate people that stand in the aisle of any shopping establishment and “talk.”

    I hate people that dont understand that my turn signal isn’t a request, its a warning.

    I hate people that play their “bass” to loud. The next thumping mother humper that comes past my house is going to get a brick surprise.

    Without exception..I hate all reality shows.

    I hate it when she say’s “We need to talk”

  • The Real Dave

    1,2, 6, and 7 are particular peeves of mine as well. Also making my list are: people who block aisles while shopping, particularly when they are doing nothing else but gabbing with others, people who crowd you at the self checks while you’re completing your transaction, social media that want’s you to broadcast EVERY mundane thing or site you visit online, dirty diapers that can’t make it to the trash can (depressingly common in our house, thanks to our daughter), people that are IN YOUR WAY when you are in a hurry or trying to get something done (not just drivers, but pedestrians as well). To name a few.

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  • xbradtc

    Oh… the shopping aisle thingy… makes me just get all stabby!

    I don’t speed. I really don’t need a ticket. But people that insist on going 42 in a 50 drive me up a damn wall.

  • LT Rusty

    Grocery store clerks that want to have a conversation me while I’m at the checkout.

    People who take pit bulls to dog parks, then get huffy when nobody wants them there.

    California gun laws.

    California laws in general.

    People who think I owe them something just because I have a college degree and a job, and they’re too lazy to work.

    Government telling me how to live my life, just because they’re smarter than me.

    Door to door salesmen.

    My ex wife, and the fact that I can’t change my DOB, SSN and mother’s maiden name to something she doesn’t know.

    Saab’s demise.

  • LC LtC

    I thought this was going to be hard until I got started. I’m blowing steam now. Thanks for the boost, Aggs!

    Drivers in the left lane who turn on turn signals only after entering the intersection.

    Lane changers who turn on signals after they move and leave them on long after the change is complete (you don’t earn back your mojo by cheating like that).

    Parking lot drivers who steal the right of way from walkers, especially in the rain.

    Drivers who steal the right of way by failing to yield, then creep along ahead, because they can.

    All other drivers, in fact (who think they have their own lives, unaware that their sole purpose in leaving the house that day was to mess up my day). :mrgreen:

    Shoppers who burst from a store aisle without looking.

    People in line behind me who crowd me. Or cough/sneeze on me. People on an escalator ahead of me who stop right at the top to think out their next move. People who stand right at the door when waiting for an elevator. In general, people who don’t take thought of how their behavior affects others.


    People who ask me my sign.

    People who brightly say they hate math (sorry folks, not personal).

  • roamingfirehydrant

    People who deduct IQ points when they hear a Southern accent.

    History months.
    In this same category is anyone who still thinks there is a glass ceiling for any minority out there. “The MAN” can’t hold you back if you work hard enough. If he somehow is, get out and go work for yourself.

    When I say something, and then my child (usually Mini-me) asks a question afterwards that makes it pretty obvious that they weren’t paying the least bit of attention.

    Early school dismissals.

    Getting written up at work for bad housekeeping during safety inspections. They have to write you up for *something* or it looks like they aren’t doing their job.

  • Mitchell

    Here are the things that get me:

    1. People getting on my tits about having more than 10 items in the 10 items or fewer lane. Come on, it’s just a suggestion.
    2. People who don’t respect the speed limit in the so-called “fast lane”. The left lane doesn’t have a separate speed limit people!
    3. People who get cranky about my cell phone use in cars. Morning and evening commutes are prime Angry Bird times!
    4. People who don’t respect diversity in teaching history!
    5. Don’t like the sound of my gum? Don’t stand next to me!
    6. Zero tolerance for people who hate zero tolerance policies!
    7. People who won’t give out the good dirt on Twitter.
    8. People who feel compelled to tell me about their ethnic food preferences.
    9. Oh don’t get me started on people who put up lists of things they don’t like. Yeah like we care.
    10. Famous people are just simply better people. That’s why their famous!! Plus there more socially aware! You should totally listen to what they say.
    11. Californian ex-door to door saab salesmen. What’s up with that?

  • EFA

    1) People that believe government is the solution to their problems.

    This should really need no further explanation.

    2) People who drive while talking in their cellphone.

    You want 2 tons worth of Nissan 4×4 parked on top of your little coke-can car – Keep right on yakkin on that thing. Seriously – you are NOT so important that you can’t wait until you stop to flap your gums with your idiot friends about what your other idiot friends are doing.

    3) Reality TV.

    Survivor. Master Chef , Idol , Fattest fucktard and so on. In fact watching these shows should be grounds for a severe beating.

    4) Low Fat food.

    If I wanted to eat a product had the same flavour as the box it came in , I’d skip the middle man and just eat the fucking box.

    5) The Occupy movement.

    Just because you’re too lazy or incompetent to get a high paying job doesn’t give you the right to demand those that do have high paying jobs support your worthless ass.

    It also doesn’t give you the right to stink up the streets , litter and carry on like spoiled little snots with no respect for anyone else.

    If it were up to me the whole lot of you would be on a chain gang for a few months too teach you some manners and some basic work ethic. That’s AFTER the cops who you’ve been taunting beat some of the attitude out of you.

    6) Peck-and-Hunt shoppers.

    The people who insist on slowly examining every product on the store shelf. Probably to ensure they get the “Low-Fat” variety.

    This is same demographic that blocks aisles with their carts while flapping their gums with their equally moronic friends.

    Shock lances should be mandatory equipment on all shopping carts.

    7) Modern Art.

    If the fruits of your artistic endeavours bears a close resemblance to the after effects of a vindaloo and beer binge – it is NOT art.

    No it and by extension you do not deserve government funding. Now go get a job you filthy hippy.

    8) Iphone fanbois.

    You have an Iphone and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    Well that’s great ! Wonderful. It’s nothing new, special or unique. BTW Apple didn’t “create” most of the technology that goes into them – they copied the basic idea from HP, Palm and Toshiba.

    9) Social network spammers.

    You’re drinking coffee and waiting for the washing to finish ? None of your moronic friends have “liked” or commented on your previous post about the coffee and washing ? Boss is riding your ass because you’re fucking around on the internet waiting for people to respond to your previous two posts instead of working ?

    Try not making a whiny post full of snark about it and shut the hell up you whiny little cry-baby.

    10) Environmentalists.

    Just because you’ve been deluded into thinking the way you do – doesn’t give you the right to force that shit on me or the rest of the economy.

    Alternative energy, carbon trading and “organic farming” won’t save the world from an imaginary boogyman no matter how much you’d like to believe it.

  • Mrs. Who

    Snowbirds that come down here, trash-talk us ‘ignorant Southerners’, drive like blind bats from the outskirts of Timbuktu, don’t tip waitstaff, talk about how ‘better’ it is up North, drive down the opposite way of traffic in the parking lot, and then think it’s quaint the way we keep saying ‘bless your heart’ to them. As in…they can’t see shit to drive straight, bless their hearts. And oh…the couples dress alike too…shorts, Hawaiian shirts, funky hats, and black strapped sandals with white socks, and can’t figure out why we keep asking them where they’re from…bless their hearts, they think they’re blending in! ( I think they dress alike in case they wander away from each other, it helps the cops find them.) And oh…bringing in their little nasty lapper-yappers and setting them on the check-out counters and getting insulted when the cashier immediately sprays and wipes the counter as they walk away…bless their hearts.

    Whew…I think I’ve been keeping that bottled up too long…

  • beasn

    1. People.

    B. People who won’t clear the snot out of their throats when they talk.

    !. When you ask someone if they need help and they say ‘yes’, and when you get up there, it takes them a half hour to figure out what they want.

  • Joe Texan

    Smacking, popping, cracking, and slurping gum or food is the one thing that makes steam come out of my ears. I have a co-worker who seems to think everyone else enjoys hearing her disgusting bovine mastication noises. I close my office door, put on my headphones, and crank up the Texas A&M University Symphonic Band playing John Barnes Chance’s “Incantation and Dance,” and I can *still* hear it.

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  • Yabu

    Here you go! If you get a ping, sorry about the double.


  • blutarskyy

    New Jersey Drivers…

    There’s a reason your insurance rates are so high you dolts….

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  • Dick (@DicksTrash)

    I love all people and never ever become frustrated by anyone else

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    Posted the ten things I hate at my place.

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  • jonahex

    Hair “IN” your shirt? The mind does wander at times.

  • Scott Sprich

    Sounds crazy, but when you do the dishes more than the next, an unorganized dishwasher drives me nuts.

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