And So It Begins

A new year is upon us, and things are…. pretty much the same. Little One woke me up at 3 AM with a tummy ache, and the little dog decided to grace my newly-cleaned carpets with her *ahem* stuff. The coffee maker decided it just didn’t want to work until I had begged and coaxed and promised her a vacation (translation: I’m getting a new one and giving this one to my mom), and find that we are out of milk while looking for the creamer. Typical day around Casa de Aggie.

That is something for which I am thankful.

I quite like the normal. The humdrum of everyday living keeps me focused on the good things, and grateful for what I do have. I’m glad I don’t pine for things out of my reach, and happy to have boring, even when the kids complain about it. While it’s true that some would call it “being stuck in a rut”, I prefer to see it as being steady and constant.

And that is my wish for y’all in this coming year: to be steady and constant, and to look for happiness wherever you are πŸ™‚

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