Cleaning Day

Here are a few tips to make cleaning your home for guests more enjoyable!

Dirty windows: Leave them be! The dirt actually filters harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer, acting like an SPF 25 for you and your family.

Cobwebs: They act like a dimmer switch on your lightbulbs. Best romantic light, ever!

Dust: It’s your very own Etch-a-Sketchโ„ข on every surface. It will keep kids entertained for hours.

Messy kitchen: Don’t sweat it. That’s a sign of an industrious person. Simply pat some flour on your face and light a food scented candle, making sure to serve coffee cake you picked up at the bakery the hour before.

Pet hair: Simply sweep it to the corners, and let everyone know you are collecting it for stuffing for the pet toys. RECYCLING WIN!!

Stained carpets: Regale people with stories of the wonderful parties you have hosted, making sure to point out how Aunt Minerva spilled her wine from laughing so hard at your wit.

I hope you have enjoyed the tips and tricks I use for a fabulous Cleaning Day. Remember: don’t sweat the small stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

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