Compoopers, and Why I Stay Away From Them

I am not a fan of computers. Don’t get me wrong: I do enjoy using them (obviously, I’m here!). But the darn things are still a mystery to me, and one that should be respected along the lines of dark matter and voodoo.

Christmas night had us all relaxing after a wonderful day. I was chatting with friends on the laptop, when from upstairs there arose such a clatter. Eldest and Son were locked in a battle of wills over the Monster. That’s what I call Hubby’s computer. I screamed for them to come downstairs and explain what is going on. Eldest tells me Son has been monopolizing Monster all day, and she has to upload photos for Hubby. Son explains he has been “tweaking” the Monster so it can handle a game better.

This is where my heart came to a slow thud and then died.

Me: Do NOT “tweak” anything on that thing!!!

Son: But Mom, I’m just making the computer work faster.


Eldest: (smirking)

Son: Don’t worry, Mom. Dad showed me how–

Me: (Totally panicking) JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!!

Son: Ok, ok…but why?

Me: (so past the freaked out stage that “making sense” is only an album title) Because that thing will end up like SkyNet and come to life!!

Son: (laughing by now) Wow, Mom…

So you see, I have a healthy respect for the things, and would rather leave them alone to their own devices than “tweak” anything on the off chance of bringing the Apocalypse. It is almost 2012, after all.

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7 responses to “Compoopers, and Why I Stay Away From Them

  • flyoverhere

    I agree wholeheartedly….some things are best left alone and then I just tell myself that I don’t need to know everything!

  • B.C.

    I leave the tweaking to the pros. Last time someone tweaked the presidential election and look what that got us.

  • John DuMond

    Most of my computer issues revolve around fixing problems with other people’s machines. How my wife and kids manage to frak up their computers is beyond me.

  • Aewl

    I’m with you John, I’m constantly on call to fix all my relatives and their friends computers.

    BTW, I was a tweaking fanatic even before they called it tweaking.

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  • blutarskyy

    Being in the industry I can honestly say that the worst thing to ever happen to computers has been…..users. No matter the safe guards, no matter the warnings, people will ALWAYS find a way (on purpose, I’m convinced) to destroy their computers with viruses and spyware.

    The best part is when I show up they immediately say “But I didn’t do anything!”. Riiiiiiight…..

  • Jess

    Once, when a boss had a computer, which they didn’t need, but liked the way it looked on their desk, called me to his office to see if I could determine why his computer was locked.

    I examined the amount of open windows and, immediately, knew the only thing to do was to unplug the machine and allow it to hard boot. His clicking, typing and frustrated rush to continue the process, overloaded the memory. How he reached the point he reached is beyond my comprehension. I don’t think it’s possible for someone to achieve the same result on purpose.

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