Santa Baby!

And so, the day after Christmas finds me enjoying a quiet morning. Santa Claus was very kind to me this year. I don’t think I deserved it, but he took the reigns and gifted me a Nook Color Tablet.

The best part? I didn’t have to choose!! WHEEEEEE!!!!

My blogosphere friends were very kind, too! I got Sithy Lewtβ„’!!!

Nicole gifted me the T-shirt and Vader Kitty earrings, and The Queen gifted me a Legoβ„’ LED keychain. Yes, my keys are on it now. Yes, I have been flashing it on the kids. Stop judging me… you would have done the same thing.

Tomorrow I shall wear my Sithy earrings and shirt as I carry my keychain while shopping. The Forceβ„’ will definitely be with me πŸ˜‰

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