Two Simple Questions

Would you rather have $20 million dollars, or live an extra 20 years?

And, why?


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21 responses to “Two Simple Questions

  • ArmedGeek

    Depends on when I’m scheduled to die. If I’m only gonna live to 40, I want the years. If I’m gonna live to 90, I want the money.

  • flyoverhere

    I’ll take the 20 years, please! $20Million is way too much for me to deal with and who knows what I can accomplish in 20 years. I know I plan to enjoy everyday that I get!

  • Tiberius

    $20m – with that I could buy another 20 years

    Another 20 years and I would still never see $20m

  • Mike Jones

    At my age, think I’d take the cash. Quality of life over quantity. 54 is full of aches and pains, yet I’m healthy enough I’ll probably live another 20 years anyway. Do I really care if I reach 90 or 100?

  • Julie O'Keefe Yost

    I agree with ArmedGeek. Unfortunately, we don’t know our departure schedule; therefore, the choice you’ve offered is particularly difficult & very thought-provoking. If you MADE me choose, I do believe I’d take the $$…and do HUGE things each day with that $$. I’ve been around too many people in recent years..people I love…who though I’m glad they are still alive , “they” aren’t there. Sometimes, getting older w/ Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, etc isn’t a good trade for extra time. Or, so I’ve experienced. I hope this isn’t sounding morbid. You asked 😉 And perhaps current age has something to do with it. I’m 53…and I think a very young 53…and I want to be around for my grandkids for a long time…but the years do fly by… and I could do a lot of good with that much money…including, spending all the time I wanted to NOW with them.

  • The Queen

    It does seem to be an easy answer…. the years, of course. However, when I really think about it….. it is a time sensitive question. If the 20 years were young, healthy, loving times- that would be a yes! BUT…. the $20 million would allow me to do everything I’ve ever wanted too AND make huge changes in the world. How many hungry kids could I feed? Libraries could I fill? Schools could I build? What a thought provoking post!

  • Jay in Ames

    I’ll take the money. It’ll be fun trying to spend it in time.

  • ArmedGeek

    I fear this is the plot of a Twilight Zone. Take the money and you die tomorrow. Take the years and you spend it on the streets.

  • Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

    How about $10 Million and 10 years?

    But only if they are “good” years and the money comes without strings/a curse……

    (As a comic once said, “Yes, I could give up smoking and ‘add 2-3 years to my life’, but they’re gonna be TACKED ON AT THE END OF MY LIFE……”)

  • blutarskyy

    I’ll take the cash. I figure I can buy extra organs from China with it and get my extra 20 years….

  • Purple Raider

    The money, easy. I can give the money to my heirs.

    The way my bones ache, I fear for 20 years from now.

  • John D

    I’ll take the years. If I had the money, my wife and kids would just spend it all on me anyway. Besides, with the current rate of inflation $20 million won’t be worth that much in a few years.

  • singlewhitealcoholicseekssame

    Will my penis still work for those 20 years? 😛

  • Jay in Ames

    As Denis Leary says, it’s the years at the end, the ones spent in the wheelchair in the home.

    Take em back, I don’t want em!

  • Jay in Ames

    TiFW beat me to it!


  • Nicole

    Probably the money, for similar reasons to Julie. I don’t know how competent I’ll be in 20 years and if I had the money I could quit my job and spend those 20 years with loved ones while I’m still with it enough to know what is going on.

  • Nomstress

    Since I am determined to live to at least 95, I think I’ll take the $20 mil, please. Now would be great timing, too, as I still get around well enough to enjoy having $20 mil!

    I’m not even sure I’d want to be 115!

    …But with recent advances in technology, 95 may be the new 40! 😛

  • Laura

    Easy. $20 million. I’d live like a rock star while I’m here. Quality over quantity anytime.

  • davidc

    That’s a real conundrum. At my age I’d take the money and splurge it on a worldwide tour of redlight districts while I was able.

  • Guy S

    Have to go with the money as well. We will never know what tomorrow brings…another day of life, or the Reaper at the door. But at least I could greet the Reaper in a quality smoking jacket with a nice Cuban in one hand and a glass of 30 year old single malt in the other. Plus the family would be set (for life …ha!) if there was a considerable amount of cash in the bank.

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