Daily Archives: December 17, 2011

Sporty Day!

I’m getting quite jazzed about today. Our local High School team is up in Dallas playing for the state championship for the second year in a row! The game will be televised, and I will be looking in the crowd for familiar faces while cheering for our team to crush the opposition into dust while finishing the wrapping of Christmas presents.

Also, the college bowls begin today with the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, featuring Temple versus Wyoming. My money (in truth, just my windbaggery, since I don’t gamble) is on Wyoming. As much as I love owls, they never stand a chance against cowboys. Look, I don’t make the picks based on statistics. I make them based on the colors and names, ok?? It has worked so far!!

There are some games I am not interested in watching due to the teams involved (*cough* Holiday Bowl *cough*), and some that are just so hyped because they are part of the BCS system. But overall, these three weeks will be filled with really good football, unencumbered by politics or grandstanding. Looking at the fiasco that has become the NBA, that’s a Good Thing™!