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Bring on the Apocalypse!!

Sigh….last day of this year. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish everything that I put off this year.

May y’all have a prosperous New Year, filled with good health, happiness, and if the Mayans were right, plenty of ammo 😉

How to Have a Successful Wine Party

First, you add WINE!!

NOT the wine consumed...

Then you add FOOD!!

There was more. Trust me.

And then you stir that with a lot of love and FRIENDS!!

And we are older, but just as cute. Trust me.

And all that leads to lots of talking and laughing and forgetting about the time.

Wine Parties…there should be a law 😉

New Year, Better Me

No, not a new me. Forget that. That would entail plastic surgery and a dye job. Every new year brings many resolutions. Some are physical like exercising more, and eating better. Others are spiritual, and still some are emotional, like keeping in touch with relatives and making sure to communicate with family.

My friend Fly Over Here had a wonderful post about why she doesn’t make resolutions. I tend to agree with her: the future is always in flux, and we can’t plan too much ahead because of it. Sure, I want to see the stuff on my List of Things to Do Before I Die™, but I am realistic enough to know that I won’t be able to complete it. For me, it’s enough to have a list. Tying myself down to a goal like losing 10 pounds or reaching a 10 mile walking goal is unrealistic for me, when I really don’t want to do that. Making a priority of my family and making sure my kids have learned the right life lessons? Yes, THAT is a worthy goal, but one I keep to every day.

So, resolve to keep yourselves happy and thankful, even for the small worries and the rough patches and the sad tidings. Life comes full circle, and the trick is to make sure that you are happy when you come to the end of it.

As Hubby told me, Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body,but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “WOW!!!! WHAT A RIDE!!!

So, Happy New Year, and many blessings to y’all!! 😀

Cleaning Day

Here are a few tips to make cleaning your home for guests more enjoyable!

Dirty windows: Leave them be! The dirt actually filters harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer, acting like an SPF 25 for you and your family.

Cobwebs: They act like a dimmer switch on your lightbulbs. Best romantic light, ever!

Dust: It’s your very own Etch-a-Sketch™ on every surface. It will keep kids entertained for hours.

Messy kitchen: Don’t sweat it. That’s a sign of an industrious person. Simply pat some flour on your face and light a food scented candle, making sure to serve coffee cake you picked up at the bakery the hour before.

Pet hair: Simply sweep it to the corners, and let everyone know you are collecting it for stuffing for the pet toys. RECYCLING WIN!!

Stained carpets: Regale people with stories of the wonderful parties you have hosted, making sure to point out how Aunt Minerva spilled her wine from laughing so hard at your wit.

I hope you have enjoyed the tips and tricks I use for a fabulous Cleaning Day. Remember: don’t sweat the small stuff 😉

Compoopers, and Why I Stay Away From Them

I am not a fan of computers. Don’t get me wrong: I do enjoy using them (obviously, I’m here!). But the darn things are still a mystery to me, and one that should be respected along the lines of dark matter and voodoo.

Christmas night had us all relaxing after a wonderful day. I was chatting with friends on the laptop, when from upstairs there arose such a clatter. Eldest and Son were locked in a battle of wills over the Monster. That’s what I call Hubby’s computer. I screamed for them to come downstairs and explain what is going on. Eldest tells me Son has been monopolizing Monster all day, and she has to upload photos for Hubby. Son explains he has been “tweaking” the Monster so it can handle a game better.

This is where my heart came to a slow thud and then died.

Me: Do NOT “tweak” anything on that thing!!!

Son: But Mom, I’m just making the computer work faster.


Eldest: (smirking)

Son: Don’t worry, Mom. Dad showed me how–

Me: (Totally panicking) JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!!

Son: Ok, ok…but why?

Me: (so past the freaked out stage that “making sense” is only an album title) Because that thing will end up like SkyNet and come to life!!

Son: (laughing by now) Wow, Mom…

So you see, I have a healthy respect for the things, and would rather leave them alone to their own devices than “tweak” anything on the off chance of bringing the Apocalypse. It is almost 2012, after all.

Santa Baby!

And so, the day after Christmas finds me enjoying a quiet morning. Santa Claus was very kind to me this year. I don’t think I deserved it, but he took the reigns and gifted me a Nook Color Tablet.

The best part? I didn’t have to choose!! WHEEEEEE!!!!

My blogosphere friends were very kind, too! I got Sithy Lewt™!!!

Nicole gifted me the T-shirt and Vader Kitty earrings, and The Queen gifted me a Lego™ LED keychain. Yes, my keys are on it now. Yes, I have been flashing it on the kids. Stop judging me… you would have done the same thing.

Tomorrow I shall wear my Sithy earrings and shirt as I carry my keychain while shopping. The Force™ will definitely be with me 😉

The Reason for the Season

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

May you be comforted with many blessings, big and small, in the coming year.

God bless y’all!!

The Night Before

It’s Christmas Eve, and we at Casa de Aggie will be cooking and baking and watching Christmas movies and praying for our families and our friends.

Merry Christmas to all, and may you rejoice in the Season, and blessings shower you in the coming year.

Wishing you love and happiness,


The Best Surprises

Yesterday, UPS came by and delivered a few packages. Weirdly, not at the same time, which made for very happy dogs, and not-so-happy UPS guys. But that’s neither here nor there, because I GOT A PACKAGE FROM MY FRIEND NICOLE!!!

Click to embiggenify the culinary goodness! My tummy was quite happy last night, and this morning. The biscotti are sooooo good with morning coffee. The kids descended on this bounty like a pack of starving wolves. I was glad to share, but I had to put my foot down hard with the fudge and truffles. Those are for Momma only!!

‘Tis the Season

It’s that time of year again. The time when someone in your home will get sick, be it a cold or the flu. In this case, the someone is me. I have been fighting a cold for a while now, and in retrospect, I should have let it take its course so I wouldn’t be sick on Christmas Day. But I never claimed my hindsight was 20/20, so I have that going for me.

Today I have last minute shopping to do. That should tell you just how sick I am, because normally nothing would make me go to the mall this week. The way I see it, I got sick from someone while shopping, so I’m just paying it forward. I can be very charitable that way. All kidding aside (or mostly kidding), after shopping I shall be enjoying a hot toddy, featured today at H&B.

Then after that, I shall be imbibing (there really is no other word for it) Nyquil™. There is nothing quite like the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, so you can rest medicine. Hopefully that will help me have a nice Christmas.

My future posts may be quite garbled, but that’s a small price to pay for comfort 😉