Color My World

I was struck today by a beautiful quote I read by the artist, Marc Chagall.

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s pallette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.

Most of us are concrete about such things as color. Leaves are green, skies are blue, clouds are white (around here, we prefer them grey!). But emotions, charged or subtle, have colors too. When we are sad, we are blue. When we are mad, we see red. When we are envious, we turn green, unless we have had too much alcohol. Then it’s literal and not figurative. But love? Is the color of love that deep dark red that flows through our veins? Is it the soft blue of a calm lake? Could it be the bright green of the new buds of Spring? Or maybe the blazing orange of a bonfire? Perhaps, the dark glowing umber in the smoldering embers?

Courtesy of Matus at Deviantart

The truth is, everyone sees the color of love differently, because love is not as easily defined as anger, or jealousy, or sadness. I close my eyes and try to picture what love’s true color is in my mind. And as the pallette of emotions drips its paints on my heart and soul, I come to the realization that love, true love, is simply colorblind. 🙂

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10 responses to “Color My World

  • The Curtal Friar

    Wow. Great post, Aggie.

    This is an idea that could spark much debate. My first thought would be that it would depend on what aspect or type of love we’re talking about.

    A passionate love for one’s significant other?

    The love one has for their parents?

    The love one has for their personal hero, that one person whose life provides inspiration and motivation for one’s own life?

    Love and adoration of God?

    Because of love of God, the love one has for mankind in general?

    If you’re talking about the love for a soulmate or significant other, then I agree with you, because I think that color shifts frequently. It can be hot red, cool blue, soft and warm orange/brown, pure white, and a bunch of other colors.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      That’s why I said it wasn’t easily defined. I can say, though, that when I picture love for my God it is a white, crystal-like color. How cool is that??

      • The Curtal Friar

        Very cool. And I agree. I view love of God, as well as the love God has for us, as being much like you described. The only thing I would add to that is that I see it as being really brilliant, so much so that it hurts the eyes to look at it. It’s a blazing white, crystal-like color, that cannot be quenched, muted, dampened, or discolored by any other shade or hue or color.

  • LC LtC

    Just beautiful, and soulful, and sweet.

  • Yabu

    Great post…true love is like a tie dyed shirt. All the colors blend, or end up blending. No blend, no love.

  • Guy S

    Love of God is the true color of the human spirit, which in its honest and pure form, mirrors God’s love for us.

    Our love for all others and all other things stems from this, and in its imperfection, is colored by same.

  • Nicole

    Very sweet post, Aggie.

  • Laura

    Love is chartreuse.

    You’re welcome.

  • The Queen

    Different kinds of love are different colors…..

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