Not Quite the White Rabbit

But as usual, I’m running late around here.

Today I have to clean the bathrooms and reorganize the unholy mess that exploded upstairs craft area before I go down to pick up my folks. Oh, and the pumpkin? It was too small, and the cardstock would not adhere well to it, so no Great Pumpkinโ„ข for the table this year. It’s just as well, since we are having a turkey, a ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, rolls, cranberry relish, and three pies and a cobbler. There won’t be any room on the table to eat, much less decorate.

Oh, and I never shop on Black Friday, so I shall have time to make this:

Maybe…. as long as my mom is shopping with my sister ๐Ÿ˜€

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16 responses to “Not Quite the White Rabbit

  • John D

    I never shop on Black Friday either. I prefer to sleep in while the women-folk head off to fight the crowds. Sounds to me like you’ll still be digesting that Thanksgiving meal when the sun rises on Friday morning. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • The Curtal Friar

    I hate Black Friday, but I usually get shanghaied into going with my wife. She does the shopping, and I’m there as the hired muscle to get her a path through the crowd.

  • Mitchell

    I don’t understand there are no crowds while shopping at

  • GuyS

    Is that an advent calendar writ large? in any case, tis a very cool thing!!

    If I ever have the money, I would not mind doing the Black Friday thing, at least once, just to say I have done it. That being said, Amazon and NewEgg seem to be the much more hassle free route to go. And they offer “black friday deals” too.

  • lclobo98

    Someone else with a brain !!! No way in h*ll will I go near a store on Friday. I don’t have enough ammo.
    And good luck with that clean-up. We’ll clean our area, two days later, it’s exploded all over the place again.

  • xbradtc

    I’mma roast a pork tenderloin tonight.

    I’ll do the turkey Thursday.

    I don’t do side dishes.

    And I don’t do shit on Friday.

    Except my Al Bundy on a couch impersonation.

  • LC LtC

    Our menus are nearly identical. We get our turkey from a bbq place nearby, perfectly smoked and picked up on Wednesday. Delicious.

    The best thing is, we get to host some pilgrims. One brother. A second cousin in the Corps at m&a, with girlfriend and puppy. Couple of my daughter’s friends and another puppy.

    I will be found with the puppies. I do have to get the case tumbler off the side board.

    Friday is cocoon and leftover day, and now and then to gaze out over the teeming hordes at the malls. Agree with Mitchell on Amazon.

    I love this holiday. You gonna post a picture of your calendar?

  • Yabu

    My out-of-town friends will arrive this afternoon. We won’t start a car until Sunday. We’ll be “dug in” with everything we need. Food, drink, chess, cards, movies,nooks,,,etc. Thanksgiving and the weekend in the House of Juju has been a tradition for many people for many many years…kind of like going camping with your buddies. You can also be certain we’ll solve all the world’s problems. My fire pit is loaded.

    I hope you have a Great one.

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