Daily Archives: November 22, 2011

Not Quite the White Rabbit

But as usual, I’m running late around here.

Today I have to clean the bathrooms and reorganize the unholy mess that exploded upstairs craft area before I go down to pick up my folks. Oh, and the pumpkin? It was too small, and the cardstock would not adhere well to it, so no Great Pumpkin™ for the table this year. It’s just as well, since we are having a turkey, a ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, rolls, cranberry relish, and three pies and a cobbler. There won’t be any room on the table to eat, much less decorate.

Oh, and I never shop on Black Friday, so I shall have time to make this:

Maybe…. as long as my mom is shopping with my sister 😀