A Wedding Story

Yesterday, our friend Yabu regaled us with a bachelor party story that brings tears to the eyes. I’m still laughing about it. One thing that made me laugh was the groomsmen’s use of Ray-Bans™.

I also have a story about Ray-Bans™.

When Hubby and I were deciding on groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts, we went our separate ways. That meant I would have no say in the guys’ gifts, and he would have no say in the gals’. Anyway, he decided to gift the groomsmen pewter flasks. Really nice ones that they filled with their spirit of choice and tucked into their tuxedo pockets. They stood outside the church and took sips in preparation for the wedding. This is all on video, by the way.

What I didn’t know was what Hubby and his Band of Marry Men™ were planning after that.

We get to the church (on time), and the music begins, and the flower girls go out, followed by the junior bridesmaids, and then the official bridesmaids. And then it’s my turn. I walk down the aisle on my father’s arm, the entire congregation turning to look at me (because apparently that’s what is done, right?). Halfway up the aisle I look over to Hubby, and miss a step, faltering against my dad.

They are all wearing sunglasses!!

I smiled stonily asked my dad what I should do.

He told me that was my problem.

My dad is every man’s hero.

And y’all know what the worst part is? No one but my dad, the photographer and I saw it!!! To make matters worse, my mom refused to purchase the photo of that, so I have no way of showing the kidlets what their father did to their mother on her wedding day. He still smirks about that, and relishes getting to make me freak out on our wedding.

But that’s ok. I have a lifetime in which to get even 😉

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11 responses to “A Wedding Story

  • Yabu

    Gosh darn, you’ve got a wedding sunglasses story. Way too cool…that’s another reason you have a seat at the table in my new town. I will not get up with anyone without true experience.

    “Band of Marry Men” can be dangerous. That’s Great!…yes ma’am, it is.

    Just sayin’

  • Guy S

    Your hubby is a man after my own heart!!

    That’s me in the dark suit, with my in laws and new blushing bride … 13 years ago.

  • lclobo98

    I can see him doing that. I’m all for weddings, someone elses.

  • terribletroy

    Least they weren’t wearing groucho glasses.

    I’m with lobo. I luv weddings as long as they are for anyone other than me.

  • The Curtal Friar

    Great story. Your husband’s a great guy, you should tell more of these stories. 😀

  • Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

    My cousin’s husband-to-be asked my father to keep the “getaway” car in our garage, because EVERYONE in the family knew that “Uncle Lowell” could be counted on to keep it safe from rowdy friends (i.e. It wouldn’t get “decorated”).

    I hear that the look on his face when the car pulled up to the church, festooned with ribbons and cans and decorated with shoe polish was absolutely priceless (I was only 7 at the time, so I wasn’t really paying attention; my sister and I were the flower girls)…..

  • Jackpine Savage

    That story rocks, your hubby just climbed a few notches on my respect-o-meter 🙂

  • singlewhitealcoholicseekssame

    One reason why I’ve never been close to getting married… whenever a girl even mentions anything along the lines of her “dream wedding” I boldly proclaim that, when I get married, all my groomsmen will be in college mascot costumes!

  • Laura

    I don’t know anything about weddings except what I see on “Say Yes To The Dress” and I only watch it because it’s like watching aliens. Aliens with too much money on their hands and a lot of back fat. Ever notice that? They pop ’em into these heavy, shiney dresses, lace ’em up and they have back titties. The majority of them could walk backwards down the aisle and no one would notice, especially if they have those wacky veils on.
    But I digress…so, sunglasses are a no-no?

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