He Knows Me So Well…

Wednesday evening I got a very sweet surprise from Hubby:

He sent me a plant for my birthday!! But not just any plant. This is a garden of succulents, which require little water and tend to thrive in dry areas. I was very happy and a bit teary-eyed, because he normally doesn’t send me flowers for my birthday. When he called to talk on Thursday I was all happy about it, and the conversation quickly devolved.

Me: Awww, thank you for the beautiful arrnagement, honey!

Hubby: I’m glad you like it.

Me: It’s perfect!!

Hubby: Sure is… they are hard to kill.


Me: (huge sigh)

Me: Yeah, you’re right.

Hubby: (smirks)*

I confess, I am not a gardener in any way. Lord knows I try, and it’s a miracle things are still somewhat green outside my house. My mom can make a tree blossom from a few plant cells on a dead stick. I so much as look at a shrub or a pretty potted plant and they tremble and wither. I once bought a thornless rose and the sucker grew thorns in retaliation.

At least I know my limits 😀

*Liberties taken with the conversation, since I was too aggrieved at the time to remember correctly…

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