A Local Haunting

Today is Halloween, the day when we gorge on ill-gotten sweets try to fake out evil spirits before All Saints Day. I shall be super busy altering Eldest’s costume today, but I thought it would be fun to regale you with one of our famous ghosts.

Her name was Sally White, and she was a chambermaid at the famous Menger Hotel. The Menger is the oldest continuously operating hotel west of the Mississippi. Opened in 1859, it was built on the site of the Menger Brewery, for the frequent visitors who otherwise couldn’t travel back to their homes. It has hosted presidents, generals, and celebrities. Sally White worked there during the 1870’s. Legend goes that one night she and her husband had an argument, and Sally decided to stay at the hotel overnight, instead of returning to her home. Her husband, in a fit of rage, threatened to kill her the following day, and later went on to attack her in the hotel. She suffered for two days before dying of her injuries. Mr. Menger paid for her doctor and her funeral, and in her debt for that kindness, Sally White roams the halls of the Victorian Wing, wearing a gray skirt, and carrying a load of towels for the guests.

The Menger Hotel is still a big attraction for the famous and not-so-famous alike. It is also part of the local ghost tour, which includes The Alamo. If y’all ever come to San Antonio, it is worth checking out, not only for the beauty of the hotel, but the rich history.

And on that note, have a great Halloween!! 😀

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9 responses to “A Local Haunting

  • The Curtal Friar

    Happy Halloween!

    I’ll have to check out the Menger hotel one of these times that I’m down that way.

    Speaking of ghost stories, I went looking for a scary story I loved as a kid, titled “The Calamander Chest.” While searching, I found on youtube where someone put up a recording of Vincent Price reading the story. I posted it on my blog, but you can also find it on youtube by searching for The Calamander Chest. If you like a good ghost story, give it a shot. Warning, it is rather spooky and scary.

  • John D

    Happy Halloween, Aggie!

    Skeptic though I may be, I love ghost tours. Hopefully I’ll get to check that one out some day.

  • Nomstress

    Happy Halloween to you too! When I went to San Antonio as a kid with my parents, we always stayed at the Menger. Later, after a high school debate overnighter at said hotel, one of the local kids told me that the SA ‘ladies’ of the evening were currently known to frequent the Menger, as Alamo Plaza was a great place for business! We spent the whole rest of the night hoping to see one! Did not, however, see the ghost. 😦

    A beautiful hotel, which continues to furnish us with unique stories! 😛


    Next to a brewery, you say?

    I can probably crawl that far…when do they go condo?
    Sign me up.


    Oh, I forgot the haunting part…although they pronounce it a tad differently…

  • Nicole

    Good story. Happy Halloween!

  • The Queen

    Aggie, Have you gone to look for her?

  • Laura

    I heard there’s ghost in the basement of the Alamo and a bike.

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