The Habit of Beauty

Beauty is a relative term. I don’t claim to have it, or have had it, or even had a passing acquaintance with it. But I do admit to wanting to stem the aging tide as much as possible. Vanity may not be a strong vice with me, but she’s still there, poking me with a stick. Why? Because she can.

Even so, we all have our little habits when it comes to our bedtime. Wash our face, brush our teeth… that kind of stuff is second nature. I have a little basket on my nightstand that holds my favorite money wasting beauty tips. Shea hand cream, and footsie cream, too… argan oil lip balm…. Dead Sea eye cream….and yes, even perfume.

Perfume?? Well, yes. Look, I know dang well it does nothing to keep you looking young. But it makes me feel nice, and pretty, and feeling young is just as important, if not more so. And that, my friends, is the true secret to looking young 😉

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