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Proof Twilight at the New Moon Can Cause You to Eclipse the Breaking Dawn

Personally speaking, I am heartily sick of sparkling vampires and well-groomed werewolves. I’m not one to enjoy gory movies for the sake of being scared, mind you. But I firmly believe that vampires and werewolves should fall in the “gorefest” category, and not in the “sparkly” one. But the teens seemed to enjoy the Twilight saga, and it helped to encourage legions to read, so I can’t bash it too much.

A more realistic version of Twilight....

Anyway, Eldest was chatting (texting, whatever teens do nowadays) with a friend, when she turned to me and brought up the subject.

Eldest: Mom, did you know that Breaking Dawn opens on a school night?

Me: What they do is premier a movie on Thursday at midnight, so they can technically say it opened on Friday.

Eldest: Well, (her friend) wants us all to go at midnight to see it.

Me: Uh, no. It’s a school night, plus you have drill practice on Friday morning.

Eldest: I can get plenty of sleep. I’ll be home by 2 AM and get up by 6 AM.

Me: If you think you are going to a midnight showing on a school night, you are seriously deluded.

Eldest: Mom, you are using the wrong word. That’s not the one derived from delusional.

Me: Of course it is!

Eldest: Then what is the word you use when adding water?

Me: That’s DILUTED!!

Eldest: (laughing her derriere off).

I’m still not sure if that was a cleverly laid trap for me. I am sure, however, that she isn’t attending the midnight premiere 😉

Oh, and this is possibly the longest post title I’ve ever done!