Old Habits Die Hard

Goodness, there are so many, aren’t there? No matter how much logic or how many facts you learn to help you break them, you just can’t seem to let go.

For example, yesterday we went to the mall. On the drive there, I glance at my side mirror and see that Little One has her fingers, (not her arm or her hand, mind you), out her window. Naturally, visions of her entire arm getting snagged into a tree and being ripped off come to mind, and I proceed to freak out and scream at her to PUT HER ARM INSIDE THE CAR!!!! Why did I have that vision, you may ask? Well, when I was young, still living in Puerto Rico, my dad would take us for a drive or to visit relatives, and of course, the windows would be down. That meant, of course, that my sisters and I would fight over the window seats, which in turn would mean the one who got the seat could stick her arm out the window and feel like she was flying like Superman (No, I had never heard of Supergirl at that time. Besides, who cares??). Needless to say, my mom would yell at us to put our arms back in the car, and one day, we got the nerve up to actually ask why.

And then, my dad spoke. It’s one thing to have my mom tell us a fantastical story. We would question her endlessly with why. But when our father spoke, it was gospel. No one questioned it. NO ONE!!

So, imagine our surprise when my sister (the gutsy one) asked my mom why we couldn’t have our arms out the windows, and my father proceeded to explain:

“Your arm can get snagged on a tree branch or a bush, and get ripped off, leaving you with only one arm, and nowhere to put your purse when you grow up.”

Not just the words, but the chilling delivery of that pronouncement underlined in triplicate the veracity of that statement. Never again did I put my hand out the window. NEVER AGAIN!!!

I’m sure I have other quirks laying in wait to surface when one of my kids pull some idiotic stunt. Until then,I shall try to cut my caffeine intake and try to relax over things I can’t control…

Yeah, I’m laughing at that, too 😉

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11 responses to “Old Habits Die Hard

  • The Curtal Friar

    When I was a kid, I loved climbing up trees, and would often get up twenty or more feet up off the ground.

    Now, I watch my son shinnying up through the branches of a tree in the park, and I have to fight hard to resist the urge to tell him to stop and climb back down carefully.

    On the one hand, I don’t want to curb him in any way or inadvertently instill any fear in him of trying things, but at the same time, he is my only son and images of him plummeting down out of the branches does not constitute a pleasant thought.

  • LC LtC

    Man, it takes guts to raise a gutsy kid.

  • flyoverhere

    Being told my face would freeze like that…while I was crying, scary!

  • Nomstress

    I suppose that means hanging the head out of the window like the dog with tongue lolling is totally out of the question?

    Did I ever tell you about the time I was playing with the door handle while Dad was driving? As he rounded a curve, the door flew open and I began to exit the car head first! Quick thinking on Dad’s part, he grabbed me by the seat of my pants and pulled me back in. LOL Needless to say, I NEVER touched the darn handle again unless I intended to get out!

  • The Queen

    Nomstress… That is funny… it is almost the exact same story I was about to tell. Back about 100 years ago, when I was little, we didn’t wear seatbelts…
    I played with the door handle and Mom almost had a heart attack when the door swung open. I, for some unknown reason, kept my hand on the door and kind of leaned over and watched the road going by…. very slow motion in my memory.
    Still scares me thinking about it. Amazing I didn’t fall out!

  • LC Aggie Sith

    OMG!!! Don’t get me started with the door handles!!!

  • cmblake6

    Good God woman! I just found this, did not know it wa here! On blogroll now!

  • cmblake6

    Or I had a brainfart.

  • Guy S

    Then there was jumping out the second story window into the snow below….or in the summer, launching bottle rockets (illegal) out the same window, right around the 4th of July. Not that I ever did anything like that *wink* *wink*. CF, be happy tree climbing is your only concern,

    Don”t remember the folks ever issuing ultimatums while we were driving from point A to B, or C. But I do remember dad’s amazing “extendo arm” ™ … if we ever got too froggy in the back seat (usually my younger brother and I, though my sister and him kept things going, after I got grew up a bit) it would reach a point that my dad or mom would tell us to sit still and either watch the world pass by, or read a book, or “just be quiet, Damnit!”. If that failed to work, dad, with unerring accuracy, would reach behind himself, into our backseat domain, and thwack whom ever he felt was the offending party(s). The man never missed.

    Proving DNA passes along those things which insure the survival of the parents, I was able to do much the same thing with my kids, as we traveled across the country (thanks Uncle Sam).

  • Jess

    Yep. There’s always the “Don’t do that because…”

    We weren’t allowed to be outside when somebody mowed their yard. “You could get your eye put out”. We knew it was another one of those things, until the neighbor kid lost an eye when a rock was thrown by a lawnmower. After that, we didn’t have to be told.

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