El-Oh-El-Ay, LOLA!!

As some of y’all may know by now, I love Lolita glasses. For those who don’t know, they are whimsical hand-painted drinkware, and serveware. I collect the wine and martini glasses. Lolita makes glasses for every season, and Halloween is no different. Last year, she had several designs, including “Bloodshot”, “Pumpkin Potion”, and “Witches Party” glasses. I like my glasses to be seasonal, but subtle enough to be used year round. Last year I got the “Masquerade Too”, which is very pretty, but not as pretty as this year’s:

“Masquerade 3” is done in deep dark shades of red and burgundy, almost maroon!!! Now you may ask… why would I get this glass, when I have a Masquerade one already?

Because it’s burnt orange!!!

And I just can’t abide that!


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