Unlucky Strikes

The best laid plans of mice and moms often fail.

Last night was the Homecoming game for Eldest and Son’s high school. We were getting ready to go, but the kitchen still had to be cleaned up. Eldest is in charge of washing the dishes, and as she was washing a glass, it slipped and broke, while she tried to catch it. The result?

My baby had a deep gash that required stitches, the first time in her young life. Four heart-wrenching stitches to her mom. But she took it all like a trooper, and even told the doctor that she would be able to get her own stitches out, because she has had experience doing it. Hubby has sure taught the kids the basics on first aid.

We missed Homecoming game, but there’s always Homecoming dance tonight!

And no, she won’t be washing dishes for a while!!


Looks like The Real Dave needs a bandaid 😉

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15 responses to “Unlucky Strikes

  • Cheapshot911

    Anything to escape the chores,, ‘glad I didn’t think of that!
    ‘Glad it didn’t involve a tourniquet!

  • LC Steve

    Yikes. That makes MY finger hurt just looking at it! Glad she’s all right.

  • lclobo98

    Really, stitches?? To me that’s a super glue and electrical tape. But then I’m not normal….

  • Eldest

    Their first offer was to glue it, but then they realized it might not hold too well, so stitches it was.

    But hey, I got a blueberry lollipop and an Eeyore sticker out of it.

  • Azygos

    A tiny Boo-boo and mom freaks out about it. I’d have just put a bandaid on it and be done with it. Stitches? Really? The ER was just trying to soak the insurance company.

    A deep gash is when you can look in the wound and see the patients beating heart.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      I was not freaked out 😛

      In fact, we were going to just put a bandage on it, but the bleeding wouldn’t stop.

      And she won’t be washing dishes, so gloves are out 😀

  • xbradtc

    Eldest, stop scaring your mom like that.

  • Eldest

    I thought all it would take was a bandaid! Much to my chagrin, it took a little more, lest the wound be stressed and reopened. I like to keep my blood inside my body, thank you (:

    It’s not like I planned for this to happen! Mom knows what a horrible planner I am; there’s no way I could have pulled this off on purpose XP

  • Nomstress

    I realize that washing dishes isn’t the most fun chore, but really Eldest, you don’t have to chop off a finger to protest! And scare your Mom. 😦

    Obviously, you take after your Dad, at least in the hand-is-wounded-and-needs-stiches sort of way. 😛 (and in many other ways that Mom can applaud!)

    Glad you made the dance. It would have been a shame to waste that awesome mum!

  • The Real Dave

    Aggg. Did something very similar at work a couple nights ago, and ended up with five stitches. My very first in 43 years. Hope your dear daughter’s not having too much discomfort (and enjoying being temporarily relieved of her dish duties).

  • Azygos

    I would not recommend Eldest washing dishes with rubber gloves on while this heals. Rubber gloves cause your hands to sweat causing bacteria from your skin to be carried into the wound.

  • The Queen

    Oh no! Tell Eldest that the Queen and Buttercup send their condolences for her injury and missing the game (and junk food) last night.
    Hope she has fun at the dance tonight!

  • Yabu

    If I had some folding money for every stitch I’ve had, I send the Gulfstream down to snag you and your family and we’d go sailing. I’ve had MANY stitches, and I’ve taken many out. Just keep it clean, and she’ll be fine, but you already know that. Give her an extra bowl of ice cream for me.

    You know they say chicks dig scars…works the same for boys. There is a story behind every cut.

    I’m serious about the ice cream.

  • Nicole

    Ouch! At least you went in the room with her, I assume. My stitch requiring hand injury in high school saw my mom leave me in the room saying “you be okay? I just can’t watch this!” 🙂 She has said she is very thankful neither of her kids ever got really seriously injured – she’d have had to get Grandpa to go in with us since Dad would certainly have been working when it happened and she just can’t do ER visits 🙂

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