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I love books. Hubby can tell y’all he can walk through the house and see a book open and face down on the desk, endtables, my nightstand, bathtub, and sometimes next to the computer, whichever one I’m using most at the time. My kids love to gift me handmade bookmarks, because they know I will use each and every one of them.

There are over thirty books in this photo. No, I don't need help.

Yes, those are my llamas right by the basket o’books. I love the feel of the pages as I turn them. I love the sound of the rustling as I fan a book. I love how the plot thickens as I reach a new chapter.

But now, I have a quandary.

First it was Kindle™, and then the Nook™. And now, there’s this:

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My sister loves her Nook, as does my dad. I have resisted the siren’s song to own an e-reader, mostly because I enjoy the somatosensoriness* of a book, and because I am clueless as to how one works. I have resisted the siren’s wail to own an iPad because…. well, it’s too hipster for me. That, and I am clueless as to how one works. But this newfangled thing calls to me like Butch to Sundance… like Cagney to Lacey…. like chocolate to…. anything.

I think my Christmas List has just gotten a wee bit longer.

*It’s my blog, and I can make up words if I so wish. So there 😀

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26 responses to “The Printed Word

  • ArmedGeek

    I too have been fighting the urge. My excuse is that there are few computer manuals available on ereaders (odd, right?). This is starting to change though and I’m sure I will soon buy one.

    Just give in. Give in to the dark side. We have e-readers…

  • BG

    I have a kindle and have really enjoyed it. If only to avoid the noise of turning pages, and the ability to have multiple books on one little device, that can conveniently be used to surf a bit if needed. (Well, not in Germany..) Now I’m jealous because I would have loved a touch screen even more! The ability to buy a book (especially a sequel to the one I just finished) in seconds, from my bed, in my pajamas, at 10pm… is great!

  • The Queen

    Aggie, I like it both ways! (Insert sarcastic grin!)
    I have a kindle and absolutely love the flexibility. If I am waiting to pick up the girl at school or clarinet lesson or whatever… I have choices. If I finish the book I am reading or change my mind I can switch books. I have over 100 books in my kindle right now.
    I also still buy and read paper books. Sometimes they are cheaper than the kindle version (still haven’t figured that out) and sometimes it is a matter of not wanting to take the kindle with me (ie.. pool or beach). I still do enjoy the tactile experience of turning pages so I dont think I will ever give them up entirely. For book club, it is a lot easier to find a page or quote in paper books as well.
    I saw the kindle fire ad yesterday. Considering adding it to my list as well!

    • LC Aggie Sith

      That’s the thing for me: I love to read while soaking in the bathtub!

      It might be a deal breaker for me….

    • LC LtC

      Well, Queen about says it all. Coupla other points. I can easily hold the iPad ‘open’ with one hand. It needs no other source of light (reading in bed), but also works fine in a lighted room. I like to keep paper books in the Jeep, for waiting areas and lunch – don’t want queso on the iPad.

      Geek, I use an app called USB Disk for both the iPhone and iPad that’ll display pdf files of any kind, including manuals. I’ve got the manual for my new Kenwood Jeep unit on the iPhone along with the one for the GPS. The iPad makes for easier reading, of course.

      I’ve a scientific background, but am a sort of Luddite by nature. Got my first smart phone just last year. Just could not see the value in another damn paddle to carry around, but I got the iPad solely to read in a darkened bedroom. It works really well for that, and, man, is it cool otherwise. It often lives in the shop, so I can refer to notebooks and drawings without leaving the bench.

      The app ‘Pages’ allows display and editing of text files. NEXRAD weather radar is brilliant on the large screen. Alright, I’m a new convert from an unbeliever. Gives the kids another opening to make fun of Dad.

  • Car in

    I like books, and I like my Kindle. I’m not jealous of the new one, I don’t think, because it is for READING not other stuff. It’s too easy to be distracted HERE and not read. I don’t need added distractions on my kindle.

    Just my .02.

  • Purple Raider

    I love real books, even as my eyes are betraying me. There is something about being engrossed in an activity that uses less electricity than a flashlight.

    Miss reading newspapers, only because there are none worthy to read anymore.

  • flyoverhere

    I love reading via new tech mainly because once I have read a book, I have no desire to read it again. I am the same way about re-watching movies, unless it has been long enough ago that I have forgotten that I had seen it before. Also, I already have so many books that I can no longer find a place to put them. The only ones I use over and over are my art books and cookbooks.

    I do love ‘made up’ words!

  • Jay in Ames

    I have a Nook (inherited from my wife, who upgraded to the color model). I use it mostly for tech books. Search is a godsend for those. The code snippets sometimes get fouled up, but I’m working on converting them to epub from pdf. Hopefully that will clear it up.

    My wife did the research, and she went with the Nook, because it supported more file formats. My brother has an iPad, and he loves that too. Web browsing is quite good on that, and the UI is fantastic. The Nook is more limited, but cheaper, too.

    You like the traditional books, but you’ll like the (cheaper) e-versions for different reasons. Plus they are easier to keep track of. You can have 1000’s of books at your fingertips, instead of searching through many bookcases.

    Just remember to back it up!

  • clintbird

    Books, Aggie, books! Technology is NOT the answer to all questions no one asked.

  • The Queen

    Good point about the distraction. I hadn’t thought about that possibility but… ooohh, something shiny…. I am easily distracted!

    • LC LtC

      I prefer to think of it as ‘immediately open to all possibilities’. This ‘distraction’ nonsense has been foisted upon us by village dwelling drones. Let ’em buzz, I say, let’s live!

  • GuyS

    Books will always come first. As others have mentioned, there is nothing which beats the feel, heft, smell, (and because I am the old fart that I am, having grown up with them) the comfort provided by having them around.

    For every printed copy of an author’s work, there is at least a drop of his or her soul inside that story or volume. Bradbury hinted at it in a number of his stories and at least one novel. So did Heinlein.

    Have to admit the Kindle (in any of its forms) is tempting, if only for portability. But it is a transport void of any heart and soul. And so, for that reason alone, aside from the cost for any one of these items being far outside of the budget for who knows how long, I have to stick with Books.

  • Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

    I can see the convenience of an e-reader for books that you don’t CARE about (or books that you don’t want anyone else **cough**kids/parents/friends from church**cough** to know that you are reading).

    But the comfort of an “old friend” – those books that you read over and over again? I honestly don’t know if an electronic reader can replace that.

    I’m reminded of that old “Star Trek” episode, and that lawyer who said that there is a place for computers, but that books were a necessity.

    I can’t imagine being able to have a couple of e-books open to the right place when doing research – there’s a nice ability to have a table or two full of books open to the “right spot” when you need to access the information; of course, you also have that ability with a reader or a computer without having to haul all of that stuff around….

    As I said, I think they both have their uses –

  • Nomstress

    I hooked up with iBooks on my phone. Saw over at Reluctant Rebel that he was reading a book using this app. The ap is free, and the books are reasonable, so it’s kind of a bridge for me! 🙂

    I still would love to have a Nook though. The type is bigger, for one thing!

    /me…now wearing reading glasses 😦

  • Aewl

    I love my iPad, not because it makes me hip or anything. I love it for the reason that others have noted, I can easily switch books on the go when I want to. Typically before IPad, I had a book in every room that I was reading. I also use my iPad for a lot of different things.

    But if you are simply looking for an e-reader, then Kindle Fire is the way to go.

  • Mitchell

    I jumped on board the Kindle train exactly one month before these new versions dropped. D’oh! Still, I like it a lot. It’s VERY easy to use, and it’s loaded with some pretty neat features: it comes with a dictionary loaded with it, and you can look up words as you read the text. You can bookmark pages, highlight passeges, make notes and other things. Also it absolutely compatible with .pdf files and other electronic documents. Here’s another very cool thing about kindles – there are THOUSANDS of free books out there in the public domain that you can search through and download. I have the Sherlock Holmes stories, The Art of War, Alice in Wonderland, Fiat Money Inflation in France so far. A bunch of books you can’t even find anymore as they’re simply out of print, but you probably can find them in e-book form. The battery life on the regular kindles also can’t be beat: 2-3 weeks of use off of a charge instead of mere hours. Also, coming to a library near you – the ability to check out and later return an e-book. Oh, and if you have one of these iphones or droids you can download the kindle app for free. Any book you get for one device is automatically available to the other. And yes, I’m seriously considering the kindle fire too.

  • Laura

    I have an iPad and a Kindle. I love them both. I just use my Kindle more because I carry it everywhere.

  • Yabu

    I have about 100 tons of hardcover and softcover paper books, and like you, I like to turn a page without pressing a button. I also have a Nook, and it does have a fit. Aside from all the cool technology…you can enlarge the fonts. I finally had to get cheaters to read real books, but the electronic versions eliminate the need.

    In my world, they coexist.

    Also with e-readers like Nooks and Kindles, and others…the screen is not back-lit, which makes it a whole lot easier on the eyes. Read a book, for a while, on a non back-lit screen, and then read one on a back-lit screen. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Fact is, this E-Reader stuff is here to stay, so we’ve got to adapt.

    By the by, the Juju Woman , who needs to go into Nook rehab, has rigged up her bathtub reading for a Nook. I kid you not. Actually, it’s a pretty good setup.

    It is what it is.

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