Daily Archives: October 3, 2011

I Love My Dog

I do. She is such a sweet natured thing. She only barks when the door rings, or when she spies a stranger in the front. She never nips at food you give her, but instead she takes gently from your fingers. She loves to get a hug from anyone, and will lay down with you to cuddle. When you hold her, she will give you the sweetest “kiss”, and sigh in contentment.

She is also Destructo.

She has never grasped the “Fetch” concept, seemingly content to go fetch, and keep item to chew. She has even destroyed Kong balls, chewed bits off and swallowed them, only to magically reappear on the carpet among the multitudinous echoes of her stomach leavings. Thankfully, she doesn’t chew on anything in the house. But gift her with any toy, and it’s Goodbye, Charlie:

That’s about 25% of the leftover stuffing in her little chewtoy. Hubby was right: never give a dog a toy that resembles anything YOU may own. Otherwise socks, shoes and dolls will be fair game. And you see how Berber carpet kinda looks like a chewtoy?? Yeah, I do go around clipping the little threads that she seems to find so entertaining.

But I can never be mad at her for long.

Look at those eyes!! Just look at them!!!

She might not be the brightest dog out there, but she lurves her mom 🙂