Spoonful of Sugar

I hate days like these.

It’s a beautiful morning, nice and cool outside. It is begging me to go out for a walk and enjoy the musical stylings of mockingbirds and sparrows, but no….. I have to be home sick with the beginnings of a nasty cold. This one I got from Hubby as a loving departing gift, which he got from Eldest as a loving welcoming gift. Yay, me.

Courtesy of Gary Larson

I shall make a batch of The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken and Rice soup, which will make me feel tons better. I tend to not take a lot of medication, since I have an adverse reaction to most meds. Nothing major, just most tend to totally make me loopy or put me out like a light. Nyquil is NOT my best friend. I get a better result from drinking a shot of bourbon before bed, without the grogginess in the morning. At least I wasn’t sick while Hubby was on leave!

If y’all have any recommendations for a way to feel or get better, let me know. I’m on my second box of tissues!!

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18 responses to “Spoonful of Sugar

  • rightismightny

    Sorry you’re feeling like our economy…and Gary Larsen ROCKS!

  • Deb S.

    I push this advice on my kids and everyone near and dear, as well as follow it myself: avoid wheat and take extra vitamin D. Feel better! xoxo

  • GuyS

    Chicken soup does have mystical properties, so eat it up! Over and above that, a cup or two of hot lemonade, drunk as hot as you can stand it (with a shot of gin/vodka optional, but not required). It will help sooth the throat, and open the sinuses.

  • roamingfirehydrant

    Sorry you are sick. Same cold has been making the rounds here.

  • LC LtC

    Zicam nasal gel used to be the giant killer for sinus infections, but it’s off the market now. A salt water sinus rinse works as well. Use non-iodized salt, 1/2 tsp in 8 ounces of warm tap water. A neti pot or a NeilMed squeeze bottle flows the saline in one nostril and out the other.

    Momentarily suppress your ‘ick’ response and recall how you felt after a day of snorting sea water down at Padre. Clear and clean, I bet. You can’t overdo this. I do 16 ounces every morning (allergies).

    It will make you feel better, breathe easier and shorten your misery. If I do it at the first sign of a sore throat, no symptoms remain after 24 hours.

    In order to leaven the seemingly solemn tenor of this post, allow me to add to the chorus: nice gams, Sithy!

  • John DuMond

    I have a chronic sinus problem, so I go through more Sudafed than any of the meth labs in my trailer park. It works well, but buying so much of it results in curious looks from the local pharmacist, and extra attention from the local constabulary. πŸ˜€

  • QueenBee

    I definitely agree on the hot lemonade…. also the vodka!
    As long as your sinuses are open, a neti pot helps clean you out.
    If you need anything… let me know.

  • David

    “Pioneer Woman’s Chicken and Rice soup…”

    As long as it’s no one you know…

    Chicken soup” Good. Naps are Good Things too.

  • Aewl

    Sweat it out. Put on heavy clothes, get under 3 or 4 blankets, drink a ton of water. When you are soaking wet, go take a warm shower, then repeat the above at least twice more.

    You will be perfectly fine the next day.

  • Jay in Ames

    All you people with colds stay over there! *sprays lysol. I’ve avoided it so far.

    Sorry y’all are feeling bad. Chicken and Rice soup sounds good!

  • Nicole

    Naps, child slaves and soup. πŸ™‚

  • Nomstress

    Sounds kinda gross but WILL make you feel better…
    1 cup of HOT water
    Grate about 1 inch of peeled ginger into it
    Squeeze 1 lemon
    Tsp of honey
    Glug the whole thing down at once. Prepare for teh burn. Your sinuses will thank you! πŸ™‚

    DISCLAIMER: Tastes like %$!&

  • JAM2

    Plan Alpha:
    1)sacrifice chicken
    2)bind in it’s own entrails for 17 and a half days outside in direct sunlight
    3)collect drippings
    4)look for new house. the one you simmered it in is no longer livable.
    5)decant simmering for consumption
    6)say “screw it I’m better now”… “what the hey was i thinking…”

    Plan Beta:
    1)wash some vitamin C down with water
    2)when the cold is gone tomorrow, hug & kiss the kiddies and tell the Hubby he’s got some makin’ up to do.



    Well, a day later, I hope the soup worked it’s magic.

    That way you can’t rant at your alma mater for this…



    Actually, you can. Typo.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      Well, in the defense of my alma mater, North graduated from U Tenn and U Wisconsin. Schade is from Germany, which explains even more his wackiness. Oh, and their research is funded by the NSF and the EPA.

      Talk about “Oy!”

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