Daily Archives: September 24, 2011

Spoonful of Sugar

I hate days like these.

It’s a beautiful morning, nice and cool outside. It is begging me to go out for a walk and enjoy the musical stylings of mockingbirds and sparrows, but no….. I have to be home sick with the beginnings of a nasty cold. This one I got from Hubby as a loving departing gift, which he got from Eldest as a loving welcoming gift. Yay, me.

Courtesy of Gary Larson

I shall make a batch of The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken and Rice soup, which will make me feel tons better. I tend to not take a lot of medication, since I have an adverse reaction to most meds. Nothing major, just most tend to totally make me loopy or put me out like a light. Nyquil is NOT my best friend. I get a better result from drinking a shot of bourbon before bed, without the grogginess in the morning. At least I wasn’t sick while Hubby was on leave!

If y’all have any recommendations for a way to feel or get better, let me know. I’m on my second box of tissues!!