Tactical Style

Laura over at Fetch My Flying Monkeys gave an account yesterday of her friend Richelle’s run-in with a racist @$$#*!&. We in the blogosphere were rightly incensed, appalled, and wishing that we lived closer to both Laura and Richelle so that we too could have the opportunity to unleash major fury on that @$$#*!&. Because y’all know we would have hunted him down like the vermin he is and wreaked havoc upon his sorry carcass until not even the vultures would have recognized it for carrion.

Whew….got a little woozy there for a minute.

Anyway, after expressing everything we would do to that low-life our anger, I went back to read the rest of the comments. I am so proud to be associated with such bloodthirsty wonderful people. But the last comment I read was from Mrs. Who, who had the awesomest link ever:

A TACTICAL CORSET!!!!! Two holsters, and webbing for attachment of modular pouches & tools for ammo. Oh, and if you don’t like black, they have custom fabric choices, including Steampunk prints with lace, and fashionable silks.

If that doesn’t scream my name, y’all are deaf. I get one of these, and Laura Croft will have nothing on me!!

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