Daily Archives: September 13, 2011


I know, it’s early yet. But my kids love Halloween, and every year they try to out-do the costumes from the previous holiday. Last year, Eldest went as some vampirical creature, Little One was a dark fairy, and Son stuck to the classics: he went as a ghost. The fun part is making the costumes from what you already have around the house. Togas are very easy and look good. Add some gaudy jewelry courtesy of my armoire, and you are a Greek or Roman goddess. Or paint a scruffy beard, and you go Animal House!!

This year I am at a quandary for a costume. Yes, Momma dresses up, too. And so does Daddy, but not this year, unfortunately. I thought it would be fun to go as Romans this year, but the kids nixed that idea. The thought of all of us dressing to match was repulsive in the extreme, I suppose. So, I was ready to go back to the drawing board when Teresa from Koch’s Tour sent me a link to The Pyramid Collection:

Steampunk all the way!! I have made plenty of Steampunk jewelry, and have several vintage items that with some tweaking can be made to look very Victorian. Eldest will no doubt want to borrow this for her wardrobe. And she can.

But not the corset that goes with it 😉