Daily Archives: September 6, 2011

Sithy Challenge

I’m sure we are familiar with this stuff around the social networks, as well as our blogs. But I’m fairly new to having my own blog, so I thought I would challenge my friends in the interwebtubenets to do a challenge. Oh, nothing like the Letter a Month challenge I did at the start of the blog! Just a simple list of Ten Favorite Things. Here’s my list:

#1– Favorite candy: Chocolate. This is not news.

#2– Favorite movie: Casablanca.

#3– Favorite drink: Midori Sour. Mojito comes a close second. Very close. Some would say it’s a statistical tie.

#4– Favorite dessert: Creme Brulee.

#5– Favorite city: Venice. Even the slums were romantic.

#6– Favorite pasttime: Reading. There are 20 books by my side of the bed. Ten by the bathtub.

#7– Favorite clothing: Pajamas. No contest.

#8– Favorite animal: Owls tie with llamas. But in fairness, owls came first.

#9– Favorite flower: Calla lily.

#10 Favorite music: Classical ties with classic rock. Depends on the mood. And whether the kids are around.

So there you have it. Some of my favorite things. If you decide to participate in the challenge, do a list at your blog or at your favorite social site, and leave a link here in the comments 😀

Have fun!!