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800th Comment!!!

And the honor goes to….


Congratulations, and make sure you pick up your honorary Sith can opener* on the way out 😉

*if I had one, I wouldn’t give it away!

Change is Good

Ever get stuck in a rut, and feel like your life is nothing but drudgery amid chaos, waiting for the maelstrom to drown you?

Yeah, me neither. But I do like to change things every-so-often. For years I have used plain white baking dishes because “white goes with everything”. BORING!!! But every time I saw a pretty set of oven dishes all I could think about was, “Will they go with everything?” And it came to my mind that it doesn’t matter if they do, as long as it cheers me up, and puts a smile on my face when I use them. I am now lightening the load of crap I have in the kitchen, so I can justify a pretty set of baking dishes.

Pretty, no? I still can’t decide between the square shape, or the oval shape. And that’s another thing… I tend to buy square and rectangle dishes all the time. I never get anything round or oval shaped. Asking Hubby what he thinks is out of the question because he will A– tell me he could care less, and B– tell me not to buy them.

Well, I may not get them after all, but it is nice to contemplate a small change once in a while.

And in case you didn’t notice, I did change my avatar 😉