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A while back, my friend Roamy suggested places we’ve been as a topic for the blog, and it got me to thinking. It’s tough to beat being raised in a tropical island, you know. This is the river in back of my elementary school:

The schoolrooms were a converted cockfighting arena (true story), but the view was totally worth it! Growing up in Puerto Rico, I had the chance to see beaches, desert, rainforest, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, all in the span of a day. It was wonderful.

Now that I am an Army wife, I get to see other places. Stationed in Europe, we got to see Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Crete, France, Austria, and Italy. Personally, I had no desire to see Holland or Belgium. But I did wish to see Spain, and where my relatives came from. Still, I got to see a lot, and if I had to pick my favorite of all, I would have to say Poland.

It was like a page from a fairytale. And in that fairytale, the bad guys had been vanquished. I hope I get the chance to go back, and drink some Ε»ubrΓ³wka, eat pierogies, and hear wonderful stories about Boleslawiec.

And what places would y’all like to visit?

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26 responses to “Near and Far

  • Cathy

    Just watched a “No Reservations” episode of Puerto Rico with hubby last night. Never been there but hope to make it there someday.

    I have relatives in the Netherlands and have little desire to see it, except maybe for the places my father talked about from his own childhood.

    Been all over. Loved Spain, especially Barcelona and the Costa Brava, but also loved the entirely other direction into the Extremadura and into Portugal. But also loved the Bahia region of Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Scotland — especially the isle of Iona. Belize, the southern part in the peninsula of Placencia might be my favorite. I dunno. I like to be away from the cities enjoying opportunities to get to know the people, their customs, expressions of art, and eating their food. Yea. It’s all about the food.

  • clintbird

    “It’s all about the food.”

    Amen, sister woman!

  • LC Steve

    I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska and Australia. Don’t ask me why. Oh, and Texas. πŸ™‚

  • The Curtal Friar

    Hmm…I loved Europe, most every place I’ve been to there. I still haven’t seen Spain or France, or really any of Eastern Europe. Someday.

    Countries I would really like to visit:

    Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, and Israel.

    States I want to visit for at least a week:

    Any state in New England (for the history), New Mexico, the Carolinas, and Montana.

    Been to Texas many times, and while I enjoyed my time and will go again, it’s not at the top of the list owing to the fact there’s so many other places in America I haven’t been yet.

  • roamingfirehydrant

    All 50 states (a dozen or so left).

    Great Britain, though it may already be too late.

    Australia and New Zealand would be cool.

    Thanks, Aggie!

  • Cheapshot911

    Switzerland, Bavaria,,, while my legs and liver are still holding out.. The beer in each ‘berg is a different kind of wonderful, and the altitude does something to the hot chocolate.

  • Mitchell

    I’d like to see Ireland; it looks amazingly green. Living in the Land of Beige makes me appreciate such things. Here in the US I’d like to visit the Northeast region above Maryland and down waaaaaaay south in the Florida Keys. Further abroad I’d like to see Oz and New Zealand. Ooo, definitely like to hit Japan and do some gaijin smash and horrify the locals. That would be fun. I’d like to visit Costa Rica too. One of my college art professors used to go there all the time and he often told us about the wonderful times he had there. In fact he even did a big mural that was hung in the main airport there. I wonder if it’s still is. Ah yes The Liberty Mural. Does that look at all familiar Aggie?

  • QueenBee

    I dream of seeing Ireland and Scotland….
    Lived in Europe and loved all of it (even Belgium and the Netherlands!)
    Would like to see more of Scandanavia too.
    Although I grew up in NY (state) I have never been to any New England states, need to do that some day!

  • Rather

    I’ve done earth; I’m interested in another galaxy πŸ˜‰

  • Nomstress

    I would like to go hang out in back of your elementary school. πŸ˜› Then just start listing all of the nice warm beautiful SCUBA spots on Earth. And anyplace with good food. Or art. Or cathedrals (preferably old). Or landscapes, oceans, sunsets.

    I need a boat. Let me get rid of Rat Boy, and off I go!

  • Eldest

    Great Britain. I have got to meet Ian before I die.

    If he’s not there, he’s in Wales, so that’s my next stop (:

    That’s about it.

  • Azygos

    The city I most loved Florence Italy. Just AMAZING.

    Where I would love to live, back in Alaska which we are trying to figure out a way back.

    My favorite vacation picture of myself, atop a radio tower in Alaska and not a single person within 125 miles in any direction.

  • Aewl

    Hmm, places I’ve been. Keep in mind I did 21 years in the Navy and 2/3 of it I was stationed on ships. I’ll list it in the order I visited these places.

    Hawaii, Guam, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Diego Garcia, Bahrain, Jaimaca, Puerto Rico, Gitmo, Virgin Islands, Haiti, Bermuda, Bahamas, Grenada, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Sciliy, Cypruss, Morocco, Columbia, Panama, Honduras. Newfoundland.

    I visited a lot of these multiple times and I know I’m leaving out quite a few as my brain is like 2 BB’s in a boxcar.

  • Aewl

    Oh crap, don’t know how I missed listing Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine and Israel.

  • JAM2

    Lake Victoria (Kenya).
    Fishing in Puerto Rico…
    I feel boxed in, in Europe… the ever present Gestapo like regimentation had me always on edge…. The food and beer, however, is a decent draw in Bavaria.
    I’ve traveled to most of the States… and still wish to go back… to most of them.
    The Netherlands is Fun…The Dutch in general are very decent people. They have a certain fighting spirit still, which at times is refreshingly non-traditional European.The museums are great, the beer is good and Tulip season is actually quite nice.
    Unlike Rather, i haven’t out stayed my welcome here on Earth. I’m not against an extra-solar sojourn, though. Viva NASA!!!!!
    The Northeast is interesting every season of the year… and Mitchell has a guide to all things “Yankee” when he shows up.
    Texas… aahhhh Texas…

  • veeshir

    Rome. I’d like to spend a week or so there.

    Eastern Europe, like the Black Sea region, the Baltics and Poland.

    I’ve never been to Asia, but I’m not sure if I really want to go there anymore. At least, not enough to spend the thousands of dollars it would take to do it. Ditto Australia.

  • Laura

    Lake Como, Italy to be with my Boo.

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