Daily Archives: August 17, 2011

General Sod

Most of you will miss the reference in that title. I love being obscure. Anyway, yesterday, our lawn guy came by and did some major work outside. He trimmed the tree out front, cutting down the heavy lower branches. I can finally walk under that tree, when before I had to practically crawl. The kids were not happy to have the tree’s limbs cut, since they liked to climb up and hide in it. And to that I said, tough cookie. He also put down some rich soil and some new sod in the back yard.

My back yard looked awful. It was all covered in hay, with some stray spots of dirt peeking through it. Hubby had transplanted some grass, and it had taken very well, but with the drought the yard looked like it was waiting for either a cow to or a pyromaniac to come strolling by. And the pyromaniac would have been an improvement, y’all. But behold the beauty that is sod!

Ignore the garden hose. I have to water the yard every evening from now on for the next three weeks. The water company is going to just adore me.  Oh well, all in the name of beauty, right?

The funny thing is, the dogs will only “go” on the new sod. Ok, it’s not very funny, but at least it’s easier to go clean up 😉