Daily Archives: August 15, 2011

One More Week

That’s all that is left of Summer Vacation. The kids have been diligently getting their stuff ready for school, as well as doing their IB assignments, practicing their instruments, and in general, driving me up the wall with their last-minute demands for supplies/ books/ haircuts/ shoes/ fill-in-the-blank.

In the middle of this chaos, lays a island of calm, for I know once they go back to school, I am no longer a hostage to Disney, nor am I a taxidriver to malls unknown, nor am I the mediator for every single quibble.

I shall be back to my normal self. “Normal” is a relative term, I know, but in this case, totally applicable.

Back to normal!

So, for now I will try to imagine the bliss that is the first day of school, as I run around town getting last minute stuff accomplished.

Enjoy your coffee, my friends 😉