Daily Archives: August 12, 2011

Crowning Glory

A while back Laura over at Fetch My Flying Monkeys was exclaiming about how absolutely awesome Bumble & Bumble hair products are. She was practically swooning, people. And as women are wont to do, when one recommends a product, that means you are in dire need of it. And my tresses were looking a bit tired, and forlorn, you know. They are practically dying (and yes, I do know hair is dead protein, but that is beside the point).

This is were I justify my actions, so no need to judge me.

Anyway, off I went to check out this miracle in a bottle. Alas, the cost is a bit prohibitive, especially when the new Trollbeads will be released on the 26th of this month, and Little One is hinting that she wants her very own bracelet for Christmas. She’s a Mini-Me, only pretty, and adorable, and sneaky. Anyway, as I was looking at the rest of the designer shampoos, I noticed that Organix was on sale, and decided to try it.

ZOMG!!! The change in my hair was palpable. My hair wasn’t frizzy or poofy, but had these pretty gentle waves to it, it didn’t “flyaway”, and felt sooooo soft!! And if something works, people, you have to get the whole system, right? So, I went and got the Argan Oil treatment, thinking it would be a bit too oily for me.

My tresses feel like spun silk from the Orient.

I’m a convert. I love the argan oil. This treatment has other ingredients, but hopefully in the future I will own a small bottle of the pure stuff. Perhaps my contact in the Middle East can acquire a stash of the stuff for me 😉